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  1. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/news/a30664/the-2017-shelby-gte-is-a-striped-mustang-with-not-much-more-power/
  2. Bingo. And people who will sell you lots of defective parts. Quality is something I haven't seen in the vocabulary.
  3. "The 2015 Super Snake is an outrageous numbers game that doesn't add up" - R & T http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/road-tests/a26666/shelby-super-snake-road-test/
  4. Custom Car Grilles sells a kit. Black or aluminum. Bought several. Nice product.
  5. How many times do you figure I should remind SAI I'm awaiting an answer to questions ? I mean, I don't mean to sound like a d$ck. that's not directed at you. Just a question floating around in my own head.
  6. You don't want to hear all of the 'issues' I've had with Shelby (SAI) over the past few years. Once - my parts came in a baggie that looked like it contained somebody's lunch sandwich. I could go on and on. I emailed Shelby a week and a half ago with some questions. None other than Gary Patterson replied. I had questions and it took 2 emails back to him before some of them were answered. I was surprised he didn't have some of the information I was asking for, although he did say he would get back to me with information. That was 8 business days ago ..... (crickets) Gary Patterson .... The VP of Sales. Something seems to be very wrong over there.
  7. Until the return of the Super Cobra. Then that will be the biggest baddest snake out there. Standby for the Cobra from Ford and Super Cobra from SAI.
  8. AJ - here's some shared experience and a few ideas; I'd just like to get parts when I order them - period. And when they do arrive, I'd like them to be the correct parts - packaged appropriately. I don't believe people post here to have their customer service issues resolved. That's silly. They call Shelby. Problem is, Shelby seems to be a nightmare. I ordered a reservoir cover off of Ebay. Part never showed up. So I called Shelby .... I got a guy in parts who said he couldn't help because it's an Ebay sale. This guy said I needed to talk to Tim - so he transferred me to Tim. Tim said he could sell me a SuperSnake but couldn't help me with parts, that he was the wrong Tim. He said I needed to speak with Chris - so I got transferred to Chris. Chris didn't answer and so I left a message CLEARLY indicating I had an issue with an Ebay order. I received a message back from Chris who said he couldn't find my order and that he suspected it was an Ebay order, which was a different guy and I'd have to talk with that guy. So I was provided with the number for another guy that I need to call to find out where my part is. Wtf is up at Shelby ? And no - this isn't an isolated incident. Most every time I have to call SAI for something it's a nightmare. A few months ago my body shop needed to speak with Shelby about something. Apparently they were on the phone nearly all day with SAI as when I walked into the shop the owner of the body shop said "Do you know what a fuc#%ing nightmare Shelby is ? We've been on the phone with them all day. Nobody knows what's going on over there". Sound familiar ? .... If you do your research in places where the kool-aid isn't so deep, it will begin to sound familiar, a rapid rate. SAI reps and others alike would just love people to post their 'suggestions' and 'recommendations' on how to make Shelby a better place. Well, that's a valid request. But on the other hand - it's your company and your business which you know better than we do. You know what's wrong with it - you work there. And if you're oblivious to issues at your own place of employment then blowhards like me will tell you. Here's a recommendation based on many interactions with front line customer service reps (phone); Pay for higher quality people to be the "face" of your business. Train them better. Give them a clue. Would you like me to repeat here what some SAI reps have told me regarding how they feel about the culture at SAI ... Or their management team ? Probably not. Most guys speaking to everyday customers are less than impressive. Believe it or not, they are the face of your business to most people. Just fix the issues and stop playing coy. Future customers deserve better service. And they also deserve to know what they're getting themselves into. The above examples are only a few.
  9. I recently received parts from SAI in a Baggie that looked like it contained some guys ham sandwich. So - this isn't surprising
  10. http://www.autoevolution.com/news/2016-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-spied-testing-with-huge-hood-bulge-1-86600.html#agal_3 If the car in the background is a GT350, then what's the car in the foreground ? I like HS's read on all of it, because it works best for me. Lol. I haven't been shy about blasting the curb appeal of the 6th gen so far. However, SVT variants will almost certainly improve upon that. And by the time the 10 year cycle draws to a close, I'm sure Ford will have made some changes to the base design we see now. Plus, my 5th gen GT500 will be paid off by then and I'll be ready for the mother of all Cobras. Lol. It's all fun to read about nonetheless.
  11. These pretty much look like Alcoas - y a w n. And 1,150 bucks is fairly well on par with high quality wheels. Call HRE or a few others to inquire.
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