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  1. I wanna do some upgrades and get my 09 up to par with the new 13 any ideas and parts you would recommend or kits? Thanks J
  2. I'm from North Carolina and I sound the film for the front just gotta find the black for the taillights but thanks guys
  3. I really wanna blackout the headlights and taillights and fog lights on my 2009 Shelby GT500 because I'm going to order the black racing stripe kite for it anybody know where I can get the blackout kits for the headlights and all? Thanks Gman
  4. I have a 2009 Shelby GT500 it has the stock shaker 6 cd changer in it but I'm a pretty big fan of the navigation feature so does anyone know the model for the stock navigation that comes or fits in the 09 Shelby's? Thanks J
  5. I have a 09 Shelby GT500 5.4 Supercharged I have read where people throw the Hellion TT kit on with the stock supercharger jw if anyone has done this and if you had to upgrade anything else and what was the power gain hp and torque wise and was it worth the price
  6. I have a 09 5.4 Supercharged and I have see a few cases where guys add the Hellion TT Kit and it goes perfect with the stock supercharger. Just wondering has anyone done this and if so were there any other upgrades you had to do and how much more power did it produce. Thanks J
  7. I purchased a 2009 Shelby GT 500 and the owner before me removed the racing stripes so now it is just blue I was wondering where I could order new stripes and all to have put on if I wanted to some places just seem sketchy so looking for a good reference. Thanks
  8. I was wondering if anyone had a Airbag cover for sale and if not where could I order a Airbag plate cover to send in to be signed my Shelby is my daily driver so I can't take the airbag plate off and airbag out and send it in so ima buy one and send it in where could I find one? Thanks
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