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  1. I‘m thinking about selling mine. 2011 Kona Blue. Germany.
  2. I would recommend to change the title of this very interesting thread because the problem has nothing to do with the clutch.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, this does not answer the question why such an important information concerning the Shelby brand is not posted here under "Team Shelby Regional Groups" / "European Union". For what, if not for such kind of info, this section should be finally exist? Don't you think that it is a bit strange that you refer to other forums in this forum? BTW, not every Shelby Owner ist a member of the German forums. I know quite a few. And there will be reasons for that.
  4. Why are you posting this info so late? How can it be that here in TS an information about such a significant event is announced only 2 days in advance? Neither here nor on the website of SA, it was considered necessary to give in advance an info to give interested people the opportunity to schedule the appointment in time and make a hotel reservation. That's what I call bad service, thank you and have fun. Greetings from a frustrated German longtime owner.
  5. Cool I am wondering how many SS are in Norway. Although there is hundreds of Shelbys in Germany you hardly see a SS here.
  6. You are wrong. I know the car. He is my mechanic and swapped the transmission himself. Believe it or not.
  7. There is a 2008 GT500 with approx. 1000 hp and automatic transmission in Germany. Acceleration and max. speed are incredible.
  8. In this case an adjustable panhard is a waste of money. You won't notice any difference.
  9. @2012SSS26 - A warm welcome from 2011SS26. Although mine is one year older it looks better than yours. Good luck with the repair. Manfred
  10. The same with me. The OEM clutch works pretty well in my 2011 SS. It is very easy to handle and evidently is able to tame the 800 horses. The McLeod in my 2008 GT500 is not that comfortable and as soon as it will be gone it will be replaced by a slightly bigger 2013 OEM clutch which is already waiting in my garage.
  11. Try this: http://researchmaniacs.com/VIN-Number-Lookup/WindowSticker/Ford.html Regards, Manfred Btw, in which area you live in the UK? Our daughter lives in London. I am thinking about travelling to England with one of my snakes next year. Eventually we could meet somewhere and have a pint of lager together.
  12. Definitely, because 7k rpm will kill a 07 stock engine in short time.
  13. There is a couple with a black 08 convertible in Mindelheim.
  14. Yes. Got Petty similar markings on 2 sets of Alcoas. Clarified with Shelby Europe. Original stuff, no worries.
  15. The steadily increasing noise definitely is caused by the bushings. Some people here in Germany do replace the original ones with Hirschmann bushings. http://www.hirschmanngmbh.de/de/Gelenklager/Produkte These bushings are much better than the original ones and do reduce the clunking dramatically but they do cause the Fays2 to produce more noise all in all. I believe that the construction of products by Whiteline, Cortex or Griggs is better than of the admittedly much cheaper Fays2.
  16. Swapped from BAER 14" to 15" rotors on my 11SS recently. Hopefully these rotors will work longer than the smaller ones, which showed lots of blue spots and cracks after just a few 300 km/h runs on German Autobahns.
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