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  1. No Thanks on the instructor this time. Thank you for checking. The information seemed to indicate a sign off from and instructor was required to participate. Jeff
  2. For driving groups A, B, C. Do we self assign or do we need to drive with instructor?
  3. I am TS. My GT500 arrives late March after the 2018 Bash in LV. Surely there are more than 3 in our neck of the woods(Vancouver WA.) Moving up from San Diego.
  4. I would be interested. Kind of depends how early out of Palm Desert. I get home to San Diego late Wed. Looks like about 2 hrs 10 or so from SD to Palm Desert
  5. I think this is a very sound idea. Just a note as to some of the issues and remedies. I had issues with my membership and had to get my long time website authorization renewed.
  6. Here is the dumb question of the week. What does the resonator delete accomplish. I have done the front mud guards and hood struts. I like keeping mine stock because I like to be reminded this is factory built monster. A tribute to Carrol's vision of a performance car for the average Joe.
  7. I like mine stock. Mostly because I am in awe what a powerful and sporty beast this is right straight from the factory.
  8. I have never seen that. Thanks for posting!
  9. I wish they would announce the dates soon, preferably before November 14. I am waiting to bid my vacation to go.
  10. You reuse existing bolt fasteners. 8 edge bilter clips are included with good written instructions. The pictures included look like a copy of a copy of copy. One recommendation. Remove the bilter clips first then the bolt fasteners. The bilter clips are small silver push clips that help secure the splitter (the instructions call it an air dam) to the valance that attaches to the bumper. They are pretty easy to spot and toward the front of the splitter. Super easy once you get the front raised enough to work on it.
  11. I recently buggered up my valance and splitter. Still very functional but the esthetics not what I prefer. Anyway around $500 to replace both. I looked for an aftermarket that looked the same. Found only one carbon fiber that was a perfect match. $1000 including shipping. Went with factory model. I was surprised the valance was twice as much as the splitter as the plastic pieces are essentially the same width and length. The clearance is a problem but I have not dinged mine in a year aside from the above that was not related to a clearance issue. After awhile you know what will clear and what won't.
  12. How about this? Enroll to Shelby Bash 2016 I buggered up the lower front bumper just above the splitter. Fortunately the damage was marred stipe on that part. I purchased the stripe from Ford dealer($26 for the tiny piece. My questing is the best way to remove the old stripe. Good instructions for application though. Oh yea the splitter was toast but that appears to be an easy swap.
  13. I replaced my not worn out Goodyears. What a difference(good)! No trouble getting a set of 4 from TireRack. Took them them down to Ford dealer and had them put on.The fronts at times can be in short supply. Was the case for me but had a full set in 2-3 weeks.
  14. I don't care what the value of my 2014 will be. I just enjoy going to an occasional track day and ripping around San Diego being a general nuisance to society. It will be interesting to see how the values shake out as they don't seem to fit perfectly with all the rest of the Shelby's or Shelby Mustangs.
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