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  1. Im only saying one more thing to you because frankly you aren't worth anymore time. Some one asked if the show was real and all you people did was not even bother to answer the question but instead you talk about how horrible the show is like anyone gave a s***!. YOU are trolling the thread, I was answering their question. You where doing nothing but wasting space like 90% of the other people on here and tough s*** if you don't like what I said. Ok, See a pattern? You troll the thread and all you can do now is cry because you got trolled. Mean while as I was trolling you I also answered the question AND tonight managed add in another add in about how this show is so fake the OKC police Dpt. is looking to arrest them as we speak and posted a video showing OKC News video while you are crying over here cause you got your feelings hurt. Not only that but I also answered SEVERAL of your questions you didn't bother reading the answers too cause you would rather put words in my mouth. Now go sit in the corner and cry. We are done talking. If you talk anymore beyond this point you're crying like a b**** and still done nothing to answer this person that wrote the thread,,, THUS you are still trolling and out of the two of us if I get kicked off this site i DON'T CARE. But I'm still done talking to a guy that puts words in my mouth then gets even pissier when it's pointed out to him. And I joined the Forum after randomly coming to it to answer the question asked. You are the idiots that decided to do nothing but troll the forum wasting the persons time and my reading time with your crying about street racers and no answers. I never said I joined TO piss you off, I said that I said the things I said to piss you off. More adding words into my mouth.
  2. You know what?! Get over it, this thread was because some one asked if it was real and all you people have done instead of giving answers was talk s*** about street racers. You don't like the fact I said some thing that hurt your feelings well tough s***. No one asked if it was a great show they asked if it was real. So if you want to go troll a TV instead of answer this person who wanted to get a simple answer well don't life just plane suck then? and when did I say they weren't involved with track racing? I never said that either, just the fact they where born out of street racing, other wise they would come with a full racing package like the COPO Camaro did. that is a factory built car for racing on the track. Cars that are basically street cars but are race capable with a few changes are cars that are built for the street and the car companies knew when they sent them out there they would be raced on the street. STOP PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH! Now go put on your little tires, go to the quarter mile track, and take your little street car and bug some one else, I wasn't even trying to be rude to you this last time but if you can't take some one talking a little crud to you because their opinion don't match yours, which pissing you off was all I really wanted to do to you people since you find it so hard to answer this persons simple question, then maybe next time instead of jumping on a forum where some asks if some thing is real or fake, Instead of turning it into a pissing contest about how bad the people are and never even having an answer to the question, you should just say "I don't know." See I gave a valid answer to the person asking, You all just wanted to sit here and bad mouth the show wasting screen space with your negative attitude about it on some one elses thread who obviously likes it and IM THE TROLL?! You said your opinion about street racers FINE but all I saw was a bunch of people acting like the world was going to end because the show existed and not one of you where useful to this thread. Now blow it out your exhaust if you're just going to get all pissed off, and get out of Florida and see how other states work before you go assuming their all just like yours.
  3. http://watchseries.lt/episode/Street_Outlaws_s2_e1.html When you get to it you find the episodes and click on what you want. Vodlocker, Youwatch.org, Movpod and Gorillavid will be the better players. What ever you do avoid Vidbull, that one will probably gunk up and lock your computer up, not allot of fun That site is a few episodes behind but before long it should have the latest episodes.
  4. That shows what you pay attention, I NEVER said they where the worst to street race I SAID they took more lives then most other cars out there and you being a Shelby fan should respect the fact THEY WHERE BORN FROM STREET RACING! And I am not Farm truck so I don't know where you get that assumption I said I was, I just like Farm truck. And if they where rented so people could drive a Muscle car in a time when Muscle cars are the cheapest thing out there why would they have higher insurance on them you had no choice but to get and call it "Rent a Racer" and not "Rent a Musclecar"? And why is it when Carrol Shelby came up to Hurtz with the Idea he said he wanted to build cars so people that didn't own a Muscle car or didn't want theirs damaged for what ever reason but wanted some thing they could race on the weekend and HE came up with the Rent a Racer concept. And yea he street raced. As a matter of fact he had a short career in professional racing because of his heart so do you think he was just putting around town all his life at 20MPH? They guy that put the first Big Block in a Mustang and got a British car company that was almost dead because losing an engine deal and created a small aluminum car so powerful and well loved they clone it to this day? Naw course he never street raced he just built cars so everyone else could. Yeah I would have to say he did. Otherwise they would just put a Straight 6 in everything and let people throw in what ever big block from a truck or luxury car they had laying around the shop they and say build your own damn car. I don't know where you get he came up with Rent a Racer just so people could drive a Muscle car when UNlike Supercars and Muscle cars of today it was actually just cheaper to buy your own, but some how you got your wires crossed. You seriously think Carrol Shelby, that master mind of all cars great in Ford Nation and Mopar city never street raced? He only raced on the track for like 8 years in his whole career from Sanctioned Road races to Nasscar and a little on the drag strips, and was around 37 when his heart was getting to bad to do that anymore, I can't find any pictures of him on the drag strip after 1960 when he quit racing in the pros, and I'm sure he was way to lead footed not to have a little fun. In fact street racing wasn't near as sanctioned and well guarded from oncoming traffic and pedestrians as this show you're all up at arms about. And I watch the show every day, I do not have a clue where you get these generators and stadium lights. Where did you come up with that, you can clearly see the telephone poles and wires connecting them and the lights that are usually on a telephone poll. Stadium lights and generators? I watch that show every day and either you are making some thing up or reading a blog from some guy named Dopey Barlow in his basement. N ow sometimes they do go to airports that aren't being used, but that's not very often. I'm sure the Discovery team can have the lights up and down in no time, and yes they do use them but the Generators are most likely sound proofed and I know of allot of generators you can barely hear these days anyway. And you have no Idea how Oklahoma and Kansas are set up do you? I live in Kansas, right next to Oklahoma . There are areas that once you get out of any city Limits you can find places where there are no houses for miles and no traffic all night. OKC has areas around it where it's nothing but fields and farm land for crops owned by people that don't even live near that area. At night no one drives it because they don't need to. Hell day time no one even drives those roads much. unless their going to see family or unless they just happen to take that toad to go to the next county, and usually that way is so long no body would bother. They might as well just legalize street racing in allot areas in these states. Though they tailor them those cars are actually street legal in OKC and here in Kansas, they have no inspection laws, they are in areas their are literally no cops except the ONE county Sheriff that has to cover MILES and probably never even bothers in that farmer territory and if there is a neighbor with in ear shot their most likely so deaf you can do a burn out on their front yard and they would never hear you. Just cause the show is based in Oklahoma City don't mean their anywhere around it when they do what they gotta do. Plus some times (As once did on season 1) they go to places where they know people in that area and just bribe them to use, well airport runways, places of business where it's closed but the keep their own guard so the cops won't bother with it. Seriously you can say I'm a troll all you want, their not holding these big ass races right in the middle of the city, and when I first moved here I was told if I wanted to see a hell of a street race scene to go over there, they have been saying they have the fastest cars for a long time and that was 14 years ago and from what I was told then they weren't just talking and most of them didn't drive them on the street because they where to obvious., they had machines then and I have no doubt the ones on TV are the cars they race today. I don't know where you live man but this is po-dunk territory and the rednecks around here LOL Really do know nothing more then how to cure boredom and depending on where you are and where you can find the best place to do it, some of these guys in this little town in Kansas where I live will figure out ways to make tractors go fast if they get bored enough and there are places where if a flea farts you can hear it and that is when it's time to start your engines. By the looks of your photo, if that isn't a stolen pic, not accusing just saying, you are in Florida, probably been there a while because I'm guessing with the pride in that business you have taken there in that pic you have been there a while and you probably have moved up the ladder from being a regular every day salesman so you most likely have never been in areas like this... Well I grew up in Maine and lived in Kansas for 14 years, trust me, those are 2 places where it's easy to find deserted roads that lead no where until 100 miles later you find some thing and if you blink you miss it. Now next time you yell at me make sure you read carefully what I said, cause I would NEVER say a Shelby is the worst car to race. and don't ask why I'm here, personally it's just a site, and if they ban me then they do but this thread is asking a simple question about if the show was real. You started in talking about the people on the show which indicates you where trolling. No one asked if you loved the show and wanted to marry it. You talked about street racers so I made a comment about track cars. I also made a comment that a Shelby is a street racer or they would already be set up for the track and that they where born out of street racing, as was every muscle car, Nasscar was born from Moonshining and drag racing in general started off from people stropping their cars down and making Hot Rods so they could street race them and if everyone street raced in an orderly fashion as they do on the show and scouted for roads no used much and had scouts watching out ofr traffic and people walking then it wouldn't be that dangerous, just be glad some one does because street racing is going to exist whether you like it or not and most street racers won't take the precautions they do. If anything they show people how not to be numb nuts about it. Except a couple times when it was just one pass in and out and not really planned. Cops are looking to use that against them, can't say as I blame them on that one, it was where people lived.
  5. http://www.news9.com/story/23159683/okc-police-investigating-stars-of-discovery-channel-reality-show OK HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!! According to the police in OKC they are trying to build a case against them right now, Not that it will do any good unless they can get the film from production or catch them in the act, and good luck getting the film, the TV show won't work for them. They did say there are Air fields used around the area, which only makes sense, out of sight out of mind but I know from watching the show there are times when they have telephone poles with telephone wire coming right off it as well and air fields don't have those sort of things. They said the money was staged BUT why wouldn't they be told that sense they seemed to be getting their info off the producers in Hollywood and that would be illegal gambling so they aren't going to say anything. They said there is permits some times from the city to do certain things but they won't say what and won't say it's for the drag racing and they did say most of the time the racing and test's are out of their jurisdiction. And to people who read this saying the same thing the cops are that people might start racing because of it, no, they will start racing if they want to start racing anyway and if anything it shows them how to do it way safer then just going to any old street and flooring the gas. Anyway I don't know what these permits are for but one guy's really ticked off because they did race in front of a guys house when it wasn't being sanctioned, (Just for fun) and cops are mad because they can't catch them and Hollywood will probably just never bother releasing the tapes unless some one gets killed or they get caught red handed and have no other choice. Now what I can't speak for is if they are permitted to do the racing but being that most are still on public roads and even airports are City property and that was mentioned more like the out of jurisdiction comment where they know it happens in those places, it is highly unlikely. The permits are probably just to film the show. But the cops are ticked off. So if it was all staged they wouldn't even be able to TRY and build a case on them.
  6. Wow, you compared it to a completely unrelated show and proven yourself to be absolutely right. Glad to know next time I wonder if a doughnut tastes good Ill just drink a milk shake and and use that as my base platform.
  7. Oh so they can talk so much crap on street racers even though despite the s@#$ they talk they have all street raced even though this is a show about street racing where they actually set it up to where it's actually just as safe if not safer then bystanders on the track BUT because their all track guy's I cant say track racing is for p@#$'s? Seems to me the trolls have the ground here no matter what. Honestly I really don't care about the site, but Shelby people who's favorite car WAS the ones that worked with Hurtz rent a car to rent cars for street racers called Rent a Racers have pretty much already put them selves down as trolls. And they really have no reason to be dogging on street racers or street racing when Carol Shelby was racing on the street himself even during his Nasscar career. So calling me a troll for stating my opinion of track cars with these guys here that have said way worse is a little bit one sided I would have to say. Like I said I don't really care about this site, I don't own a Shelby either but obviously I'm a way bigger fan then any of these guys LOL Shelby has more marked grave stones from the street then most other cars out there, so all this anti-street race talk just seems a bit over bored. Labeling me a troll in a Shelby forum with a bunch of Anti-street racers? And nor one would say that to Carrol's face if he where ali8ve today. You'll probably kick me off, no big deal. Just a forum full of trolls that own the wrong car. Or claim they do. It's not my fault if they want to be on here talking crap on Shelby's birth place. That's like talking crap on Jesus's manger. Personally I like the show, and I know how Hollywood get's around the Biography laws when illegal stuff is filmed, all these Shelby guys want to talk, I say they should all call up Big Chief or the Studios and get their tires off the track and run down an un-prepped surface and put their money where their mouth is. That is not trolling, talking all the crap I read is trolling, I am simply telling them to stop talking and start driving.
  8. Difference is they go to places where there is no people around and no traffic and they scout the area then use scouts up ahead. Nascar (Which are nothing but fake cars with tube chassis and fake bodies these days) people PAY to sit in the seats right by the race and watch it as the cars make left hand turns. I guess about the only way a person is going to be around with those precautions is if they are pissing in the woods.
  9. If I may... It's about the strip. Not the danger, course adrenaline junkies might like the test. Tracks are made with all intents to be as smooth as possible and they are prepped with a glue they light on fire and tune the track to the car. On the street and (Screw the show, this is just what it's always been) you can't prep the track and allot of times the road isn't that smooth making it a totally different animal. That's why small tire cars work better on the track with less weight and traction so as they go down the track they actually get faster on a smooth surface and big tire cars get the better grip off the line and as it gets rough their larger foot print and weight helps plant it BACK to the ground.when they get a bit bouncy.
  10. Well then I got a suggestion for you, instead of telling us what you think while you sit on your arm chair, Get big chief on the phone and see if they want to run. They say they have the fastest, you say you have the fastest, I keep seeing people say they are on run ways, I keep seeing power lines that would never be on a run way in the back ground. As long as you're on the keyboard for no reason but to talk bad about the show you aren't there to see we don't know if you're right or wrong. You can call them idiots all you want, stop moping around because some 16 year old beat you in daddies car and prove your point the way it was meant to be done.
  11. So did Shelby and Hurtz. Back in the Musclecar days. You ever heard of "Rent a racer" You should look that up, they rented out Shelby 350's just so the renter could take them out and street race on the weekend. It was real hell on Hurtz insurance and you had to get insurance in the package to rent one but it was all thanks to Shelby Fact it was their idea. Guess you better sell your car now because you don't want to be seen driving in a car that "encourages the mindless to street race". That's to bad too that really looks good in silver
  12. To bad you feel that way. A rental car company used to rent out Shelby 350's and call it rent a racer so people could take them out on weekends and street race light to light. They even had to pay higher insurance so the insurance companies didn't hold it against Hurtz if some one killed them selves. Guess you're a fan of the wrong car because Shelby used to build sets of these 350's just so Hurtz could do it. Damn Shelby for contributing to the delinquency of people that have balls to have a little fun >)
  13. Well then the world will never know. Especially since if their running them on the track then it's a prepped surface meaning the track has already done half the work. So the street cars will toast them any day of the week on an un-prepped surface. Track cars are for P@#$%'s
  14. Oh yeah just what I want, a crack head building me a car complete with the most explosive fuels ever created to be put in a car. No thank you. Like drug dealers know anything about building a true drag car. They might have some thing to out run the cops after a doughnut binge but I'm sure pitting against real 1500 HP drag cars they would just explode being to anxious to hit the Nitro switch to early.
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