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  1. When the cars were delivered to the dealer from the factory, the lower splitter came in a box in the trunk (or "boot" as you say in the UK, hahaha). Lots of people never put them on to avoid scraping them on speed bumps etc.
  2. Most of the forward-facing front-end of the car is plastic, so it can't rust. The hood is aluminum, so it can't rust either. I suppose the aluminum hood can oxidize, but I think that'd be whiteish, not red/orange. The rocker panels are plastic too. So where are you seeing red/orange rock chips?
  3. I like my Jaeger stone guards too. They're barely noticeable and they keep some of the gravel from hitting the rocker panels and doors. They don't protect 100%, but they're a perfect compromise between inconspicuous size vs. stone chip protection. I'm liking the Grabber Blue! That color is my second favorite after Ruby Red.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up. US $4,000.00 or best offer, wow!
  5. Walmart sells Motorcraft filters too. I just picked up an FL820S for my Shelby for $3.97.
  6. I was detailing the car today and I noticed when the trunk lid is fully open, there's a drain hole in both the bottom left and right corners near where the hinge mounts to the trunk lid. The drain holes have a round plastic sticker glued to them. I want to pull them off, it seems if water gets in there you'd want it to drain out. I suspect it's something that should have been removed by the dealer before the car was delivered. Anyone else have them under their trunk lid?
  7. You said the harsh ride started when you installed the MPSS tires. Maybe you could switch to a "touring" type of tire with a softer ride? But obviously you'd probably be trading some traction for the softer ride.
  8. I have a stock '14 and a buddy of mine has a stock '12 that I've driven a bit. The power increase in the '14 is certainly noticeable but not dramatic. Things I like better in the 2013/2014: - The exhaust is louder. I'm not even tempted to look into an aftermarket exhaust. The 2014 exhaust is perfect. - HID headlights and LED tails are more modern looking and perform better. - The 220 mph speedo and the "track only" features on the dash are always good to impress passengers. - The clutch "hill assist" feature is a nice touch. Things I like better in the 2012: - The clutch is much easier to use. The clutch engagement is spread evenly through the entire pedal travel. On the 2014, the clutch does virtually nothing until you release it almost 2/3 of the way up. It's a lot more touchy and hard to launch gracefully. - The 3.55 gears are better in slow traffic. Less need to dip into the clutch to keep the car going slow. - I like the grills covering the various radiators up front. - The wheels are a lot easier to clean vs. the 2014 SVTPP wheels, and I prefer the silver finish vs. the black finish.
  9. So if you're a "belt and suspenders" type of person, you could put oil separators on both PCV tubes and the SC bubbler tube.
  10. The link I posted has a "/#34" at the very end. Most browsers will see that and take you to picture 34 on the page. But some browsers just drop you at the first picture. You need to navigate to the 34th picture on the page to see the picture of the tube.
  11. Yes Jer had a great follow-up to my post. I realize now that the crankcase can become pressurized under heavy-throttle/heavy-boost conditions and that will force oil vapors into the driver's side tube. I don't drive my car hard enough to worry about oil vapors on the driver's side, but a Shelby-brand separator for the passenger side is on my to-do list. Here's another interesting oil vapor-related tidbit I recently stumbed across that I'd never heard about before. There's actually a vacuum tube connected to the lowest point of the induction tract to pull any condensed oil from there back into the intake: http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/m5lp-1203-2013-ford-shelby-gt500-trinity-5-8l-v8/photo-gallery/#34 So the Ford engineers realize oil does make it's way into the intake and they've taken steps to prevent it from building up and causing trouble, but I'm convinced it's best to prevent it from getting there in the first place with an oil separator.
  12. Nice looking car, welcome to Team Shelby!
  13. http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?1037423-2014-Final-Production-Numbers-arrived-in-the-mail-today
  14. DR3V-001A04-AC3JA6 is the part number on the spoiler box that was shipped in my 2014's trunk.
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