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  1. Still active duty 2013 GT500, waiting for someone to make my dream come true and sponsor a wide body SS. ?
  2. I'm running MPSS 275/295 with the eibach pro kit and an adjustable pan hard bar. If you go MPSS 275/295 is all the rubber stock svt wheels can take in my opinion.
  3. Wow this is shocking, Jer has been the face of Shelby since he passed, good luck finding someone more passionate, caring, and involved. I believe Shelby is headed in the wrong direction....
  4. Dang... I need a signed dash. I have several things to trade if someone is willing.
  5. Great point, thank you!
  6. From my understanding 11-12 will fit but the pattern on it is a little different.
  7. LOL! $75 Bux that's not bad but I want the real deal.
  8. Anyone have a 2013 signed airbag cover they would like to trade?
  9. Guys, I live in Vegas if you come out here looking for some great local places to eat or hangout let me know and ill send all my suggestions your way. FYI, the factory has a free tour mon-fri at 1030 its a really good tour and a must if you come to vegas.
  10. Hey guys where is this meet at ?
  11. LOL ! They are so hard to come by now-a-days you have to get them where and when you can. My pictures the next day at Shelby HQ should make up for the Honda dealership...
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