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  1. Thx Alex. Yeah I asked about them installing the upgraded synchros etc. but they said they only do what Ford specifies...So Im hoping for the best. Couldn't agree more about the cars though, I'm looking for a 14 to turn up in my area still and just cut my losses on this car.
  2. Holy shit I never even thought about that...tranny could still shift w no fluid...?? Would def explain their change of heart about blaming me though.
  3. This car has a lot more power since the repair, now I wish i would have Dyno'd it and maybe that would have shown the problem earlier... Thanks for the input guys, I had no clue there were any issues with these transmissions so figured I just got the one that got abused. I am still concerned especially since Alex says it took 3 rebuilds to get it done right, but the car does not 1-2 grind anymore and shifts nice and smooth. I am covered under warranty for 1 more year so, will either be picking up a low miles 2014 or will be ordering the new GT500 once it gets announced, just not sure I can wait that long... For reference if anyone is having these issues I have included the invoice below
  4. According to the dealer tremec doesn't have any available...? they would have had to pull one from the production line and said if the rebuild parts could be found that was their preferred way to go. I def wanted the new tranny entirely as opposed to rebuilding but since they are paying they had final say
  5. Any mechanics want to advise me on this situation....? Bought my 2011 in Oct 13 with 16K miles, very clean in and out. In Dec I was confident enough to finally get the car into boost and noticed the clutch slipping. Brought back to dealer because its under warranty and they replaced the clutch at 17,000 miles. I have been enjoying the car thoroughly, but not abusing it by any stretch and had a squeak develop over last few weeks when I would put car in neutral at a stop light. I found it would go away when I would step on the clutch and had to some times double clutch for the noise to stop. No noise at speed, car driving fine...had the 1-2 grind but was better after the clutch change. I only ever got the grind when car was cold, and its almost always warm in Phoenix so this rarely happened. Brought back to dealer at 28,000 miles for what I thought would be a bearing or something similar and they called me an hour later saying the transmission fluid was full of metal and things not looking good. They asked if I drive the car with my hand on the stick shift all the time. I say no. They say they opened transmission and all gears are stripped except for reverse...Car is under warranty so no worries, but first day it sure felt like I was being blamed for being a piss poor driver. Two days later i get a call and everything is different as they say they are def getting this fixed for me and sorry for the inconvenience...they will replace transmission outright if the parts to totally rebuild are not available. A week ago they said the parts were on site and they would start to rebuild on Monday after the holiday. On Tuesday I was told they were putting everything back together but had to take measurements and then order shims and that would take a day or so to arrive. Today (Thursday) they said the car was done and was being test driven, but would need another day because they need a reverse switch and that will be here tomorrow. My problem is I have been asking what the root cause was for this failure and they are saying they don't know. My question is isn't it apparent if the damage is a manufacturing defect, a clutch problem, or driver input error ? I have been driving manual transmission cars since I am 14 and have had no issues with driving this car, even with what they are saying was a totally shot transmission. I can only guess that the original owner had damaged the transmission while also destroying the clutch, or that the clutch was not installed or adjusted correctly ? and then i would have been causing the damage without knowing or feeling it ...? I don't ride the clutch pedal, careful with timing no grinding gears etc..I don't drag race or powershift... This causes some stress because if the clutch work has caused the transmission damage, then I am terrified to have had the transmission rebuilt by the same place. And I am not feeling all warm and fuzzy over their answers as to not knowing what the original cause was. Any mechanical advice greatly appreciated, already looking at 2014's though...May just be time to trade up Thanks, Matt
  6. My 08 Bullitt did the same thing, turn key and get machine gun like clicks from under the dash...Had blower motor replaced under warranty and it fixed problem for 11 months...when it returned dealership said no warranty on replacement parts or work performed after 90 days so I traded it in for my Shelby. Have not thought about that again until I read your post... Good luck w the repair
  7. Made this vid quick before it got too dark. Starting it up and using RAM mount on back window for first time. Ill take a short one to show car on freeway w windows up tomorrow.
  8. I'm about to buy the same setup, any advice on installing the lowering mounts or having to notch the hood ? I will be doing the work myself so just wondering if there are any nightmares in store...
  9. Thanks Mike, now you have me questioning if I should go with 20" all around Michelin SS or the Toyos...
  10. Wow looking good Mike ! Where did you find the Razors ? How are you feeling about the improvement over stock rubber as this is next for me as well... Thanks, Matt
  11. I was behind you in Vegas I think we were heading to the dinner. Great footage from that angle. my headrest mount is pretty close to that, I need to get the remote set up so I can take a short video to post tomorrow
  12. Wow that view from the side looking back is BA, love seeing the suspension work! Barry are you driving at Firebird? or I guess its wild horse pass now...I have been looking to get some track time but have not seen anything available there yet... The headrest mount is working out great for me at the moment, I daily drive the car and just want to capture all of the traffic situations and the point of view from the headrest is like sitting in the passenger seat. Will post an example asap
  13. Thanks for the advice Tony and Jeff, I got the handlebar mount to work on the headrest and the view is ok, you can see everything going on in the car, but Im going to get the suction cup mount tomorrow to get the best view of traffic etc...I will mount the pads that came with it under the grill as well and try that too. I will post vids of each mount after I figure out how to do it lol...
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