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  1. I did this to my 07 GT500 and it took me days not hours to get all the scratches out of my paint. I had a professional show me how to do it. There are a lot of steps. Do small areas at a time and don't move on till all the swirls are gone. I bought the Flex polisher. 3 buffing pads and 2 different polishing compounds some paint sealant and then wax.
  2. This all depends on how original the car is. If you change anything it could hurt the value.
  3. If they look for cats then they will look for headders. If they go in your GT500 then they are a pain to install. Headders aren't smog legel ether.
  4. No way am I going back to that guy. He couldnt just tell me that it wouldn't pass as soon as he opened the hood. He could have told me to go home and return to stock and bring it back. He was trying to get more money out of me.. I would rather give my money to someone with a little better customer service. What would it hurt to let me know in the first place. I wouldnt be so piss**
  5. I just put the stock box back on and going to smog it at a different shop. Not going to return it to stock. No need to get into boost so not worried about airflow. Still had to pay those A/H's for nothing. It's just a warning how stupid it was in the first place.
  6. I don't post here much mostly lurk but I had to let you all know about my expriance with a smog check today. I took my car there 2 years ago and the smog guy didn't car about my CAI so i figured that they were cool to just go back and get the smog. Hell no. The guy failed my smog because I didn't have a CARB sticker on my JLT cai. crap. I told the guy that i got it smogged here 2 years ago and it was fine. all systems function as new. all sensors are on. exhaust is strock. only mod is pulley and cai. The guy didn't have the curtisy to just come in and tell me tyhat it wouldnt pass smog and i could go home and fix it and bring it back. He told me it was against the law. Really!!! If you need any car smoged Tri Vally Auto Care isn't the place for you. Thanks for letting me rant. This was a incredable experance.
  7. Will the new GT 350 be allowed to be in the registry? There was a lot of buzz regarding adding the current GT500's when they came out. What kind of pedigree will the new GT350 have since it comes straight from Fords assembly plant? Not being a hater just curious. I like the new one I really like the new Shelby GT
  8. The government is everywhere. Time to stop them. Nothing fair about the government.
  9. That is to high for any car. Even high output units only put out 13.5 volts. which is different than amps. Did they put a different gauge on the altinator? Your gauage may not be correct. A tune shouldn't have anything to do with the charging system.
  10. No it's not airborne It only can contracted by close contact or body fluids. They got the desease by being over there to help the people that got sick. I am glad they came back here for treatment. Here is a opertunity to study and see if they can find a cure.
  11. I have 16,000 miles on my stock altinator and its still good. Keep your battery in good shape and keep a eye on the corrosion on the battery terminals and your altinator will last a long time. Keep a battery tender on the car when you park it for more than a week.
  12. Just remember replace it at the first sign of a slip. If you want your clutch to last longer dont downshift when comming to a stop. Brakes are way cheaper to replace than a clutch. I have had to brake mmyself of that habbit
  13. Just measureing the friction material doesn't tell you how much life you have left in the clutch. The friction material is held on with rivits and not knowing how much of the rivet sticks out its only a guess. You know you need a nsw clutch when they start to slip. They dont usuallu just stop working under normal conditions. Once it starts slipping you should replace the clutch. if you wait till the car will no longer move than you will have to replace the flywheel and the clutch assembly. Most times you can have the flywheel reserfaced.
  14. Most folks upgrade there injectors and fuel pumps if you go with the TVS. Its better to be safe than sorry. I do know that SAI kept the stock fuel pump and injectors with there 725 SS package. It's getting to the point where there is so much H/P on the sdtreet these days that I wonder where it will all end. I have a CAI and pulley and I have no traction on a 70 degree day.
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