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  1. https://youtu.be/1PGc97iGH-4
  2. Good eye and great tip!
  3. First time seeing this code on my car. Do you guys with aftermarket cold air intakes see this at all? https://youtu.be/bcbmcyPAUdk
  4. I just documented 1 quart usage after 1 track day. This seems to be the norm. Are you using an oil catch can?
  5. Great pick up! I had the same thing happen to me with my 2013 GT500 back in the day. picked it up, in January 2014 with 3800 miles on it, fully loaded for 55k while dealers were still looking for markup on the first 200mph Mustang.
  6. I wish I would have gotten them a long time ago. It would have saved a lot of aches, pains and scrapes.
  7. Well, the kids are sick so I may have to cancel or try and bring a buddy of mine to this instead....hoping for the best.
  8. yes. this is offered to all new GT350 / R owners. Same if you buy a Focus RS, Raptor, Focus ST. It's pretty neat that this is provided as an incentive from Ford.
  9. I attended the GT350 Track Attack program
  10. Ok. I am bringing the wife and kids. Neeraj + 3
  11. I have already booked my hotel! Will be bringing the wife and kids...making it a weekend.
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