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    Enjoying my GT500
    One day getting me a 1968 Fastback Mustang - Dream is an R-code manual.
  1. I had to part with my F1-Thirstie a little while back (Gas cost was killing me) and have had a couple DDs since. Got a good deal on 530xi last September and is great in the snow. (AWD) 1st 4 door car and getting used to it.
  2. I am in, depending on lunch location.
  3. Can't speak for anyone else but it was a wacky (& fast) summer for me. Didn't do much with my Shelby this year even debated on putting her up for adoption. My logic, since I wasn't enjoying it maybe someone else will? Well my wife did her best to stop that from happening, guess it worked. My Shelby is still parked in my garage. Still need to do the final detail and cover for the winter. Already placed on winter insurance. Did see a few Shelby's on the 401 this summer, but always when I was NOT driving mine. Giving a wave to a fellow Shelby owner looses something when the waver (me) is driving a non Shelby auto.
  4. Someone doesn't think my 2012 Shelby GT500 is a true Shelby, okay. Can't please all the people all the time. I love my "Shelby GT500" proud to have one and to those that don't like it or appreciate the heritage... Okay, I won't worry about you trying to take it & can live with that.
  5. From what I recall, hotels are booked in advance for this. 2005 was the last time I was there.
  6. Being interested and financially able, are unfortunately two very different things for me at this time. Checking out your signature, hell of an amazing stable!
  7. The plan is to introduce myself to TS members this year at Carlisle. I was there last year and felt intimidated saying hello to most TS members I was parked with.
  8. Hi, any TS members heading to Carlisle PA in a couple weeks? I received my sticker the other day and will parked at B721. http://www.carlisleevents.com/pdf/Ford-Map.pdf
  9. lol, okay you got me. I am in for an XL blue. How do you want the $$s? We can meet for a coffee if you like?
  10. You are probably correct, XL for me. Is there any possibility on you posting a pic of each shirt & colour? I will probably get a black XL but curious what the blue looks like as well (may look good with my blue stripe!)
  11. Very interested and in for either a L or XL not sure.
  12. I have that itch too but not at all possible here. Best I can get is to fire it up, enjoy the Borla tunes for a bit...
  13. I won't. I sold my 2006 F150 FX4 as it was killing me on gas mileage and bought a CLK430 as a DD. I love it; it is great on gas and very 'peppy'.
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