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  1. Thanks for the info! They made a lot these I'm sure. Most of the subs on the project did get these I think this Is just a "field print". But I think it is a original to the time frame of the building and when they were doing it. So when it was framed the gallery that did this used all acid free everything and no glare uv protectant glass which is why the framing was so expensive. As fading has been a big concern of mine since the beginning.
  2. Any info on this would be great, I had it framed and when I did I had the repo blank bluild plate of the cars built there put in it. Anyone ever seen anything like this before, any idea of value?
  3. Great idea was thinking the same thing! Glad to see it works!
  4. Ok thanks! Meter looks like the one they used on the 08 Cobra Jet. I talked to John Clor at Ford Performance (old Ford Racing) he looked at my car in person said that the kit will not fit under the brace. When asked why he said the supercharger clears the brace and the hood. But it will be the intake tube that doesn't clear the brace do to the increase in diameter. Soooo I am guessing the kit changed. As long and the supercharger clears the hood I'm good! I will try the stock tube and dyno the car to see if it throws off the Ford supplied tune. I would like the brace to work also but if it hits then I can mod the brace or reproduce the rare Super Snake flat one. Thanks a lot for the pics and the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this will be a winter project of mine so when it is done I will post how it turned out
  5. Thanks for the pics! Got a couple of questions. 1). Are the motor mounts stock? 2). The intake tube and meter housing, what car are they from? 3). With changing the inlet tube and meter were you able to use the supplied tune from Ford? Thanks for the help!
  6. Thanks for the info pics would be great. I assume the filter housing and filter from the KR can be reused, it will be the tube that is the issue.
  7. Has anyone installed a 2.9 Ford Racing Whipple on a KR? ( M-6066-MSVT29PC ) Did it fit under the hood? Without modifying the hood? Thanks
  8. Also in KC area and will be heading to Shelby Fest Thursday morning. I think most of the KC area guys are on GT500.com and meet up for beers regularly, you guys are more then welcome to join. Also into guns
  9. I am not a troll. And I am not attacking KR owners, I responded to one KR owner. If you read the thread I said it is not Plasan made. Plasan splitters are real carbon fiber, which CF doesn't flop like a fish. But what most people dont know is that they are also marked with a PL. And that was verified by a KR owner from this site with a real KR splitter. As far as facts go I posted what her responce was and that it went from OE to "maybe a prototype" even posted her name and part of her cell number. How would I know her name and number? I'm not friends with them like you are. How much more facts would you like? Robert worked for SAI that great makes him a great person to buy from because he worked there right? Then I buy a part that he is selling and it goes from OE to maybe a prototype?????? How is this possible that he would not know what he is selling? Plain and simple what I got from Robert is not a real OE KR spliter because real production KR splitters were made by Plasan. Now with that being said, if it is a prototype or reproduction then the listing should have reflected that and not let bidders assume that it is Plasan made which is OE KR and pay more. To me it is like selling a Factory Five as the real deal. All I was trying to do is warn a KR owner before they make a mistake like I did. As far as my post count, I dont post much over here because of how hostle this site has become between KR owners and GT500 owners. That is my point, end of point. Im not posting any more about this.
  10. You are right I dont own a KR or a real KR splitter BECAUSE I bought the one listed.......lol What I am trying to do is help real KR owners who think they are buying a real KR splitter from waisting money. Which you who claim to be a real KR owner should be doing not as a "service" but as a helpful KR owner. And as far as zero facts I own what he is selling you FOOL so I have every fact to back it up. What I don't have is a KR NOT because I couldn't or can't but because I didnt want one! You were the one that offered the bend test so if you would like me to help YOU shove it some where .... I would love to. You are an embaressment to KR owners, and this site. Look at how you sound and read what you have wrote. You feel it is a "service" to offer anything helpful........I didn't ask or pay for your "service" you can shove that to! LMAO
  11. Since you claim to have yours off and are so sure that the one he is selling (one you dont have from a guy you dont know) is real I was going to give you the chance to see for yourself. Still waiting for the results of the bend test you said you were going to do btw! As I am sure others are waiting for their responces from seller to the questions they asked also. But based on every other post you have made unless someone smacks you in the face with facts you want to agrue. Soooo to keep you from saying that is not the same one he really sold me I was going to let you prove it to yourself........lol But reguardless I DO know because I did compare and acutally have the part which you dont! So as usual you want to talk the talk but never walk the walk. You claim to have a real KR splitter off the car I have a splitter from him that I claim to be fake why not post pictures of what you have and compare them to mine. Sounds pretty legit to me then everyone else will know that the two splitters have be compared and they come from to different sources and they can see before they spend $1k. So maybe you should stop talking about what you think, since you dont have the ability to or dont want to prove either. Everyone else ask some questions and ask for more pictures before you bid, you might not be gettting what you think.
  12. Dada take a picture of the bottom of your splitter, the side that faces the ground, and maybe some others like what he has listed. Does your look like the one he has pictured they would be exactly the same. I still have the one I bought from him in the box it was shipped in sitting on a rack in the garage. I will take some pictures and email them to you and you can see what the differences are. Solid carbon fiber DOES NOT bend like the one I got from him. I have other solid carbon fiber parts sitting in my office from other projects, carbon fiber does NOT bend it does flex very little then it shatters. Either way the one I got from him was cheaper then the repo one from Shelby which is way I didnt ask for a refund but thought I was getting a good deal on the $3k part turns out it only saved me a couple of bucks. It is my and others understanding that the OEM KR splitter is a solid carbon fiber piece, is this not true? Because if it is then the splitter I purchased from him is a repo without a doubt.
  13. Thanks guys! Wish the still made the RA1 in a 305
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