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  1. Was nice but weird after all the snow and the cold. Weather is very strange around here. Don’t see gun racks much anymore but you do need to redneck that thing up a little. Have to blend with the neighbors now that you ain’t one of those northerners. War between the States still rages round here.
  2. Very nice. Needs a dog. Like the Tennessee snow now 60 degree weather?
  3. Bearbo

    Hello All

    You are the reason for the snow and cold lately. Welcome to Tennessee friend.
  4. Wife said change is good but I think she means changing me out. Cannot find when my membership expires. Used to access in profile/content. Could not access the sale forums. No shoutbox. There was a tab to access the Facebook pages of Team Shelby, Shelby Performance and others. Not there anymore. There are other things but I did not come here to complain. I know things must improve and evolve. Just don’t why the bugs can’t be ironed out better before being released.
  5. Bearbo

    Michelin PS4S

    Heard good things about the 4S. Your vehicle so do what makes you happy but I like the rake look. 285 seems large to go in front of these cars and most go bigger than 285 in rear but then you may get into new rims. Anyway, great decision to replace OEM Goodyears.
  6. I took a screenshot. Thanks...most impressive...sure the pic will be gone pronto.
  7. Nobody must know things are back up and running. Quiet as a whore at church here.
  8. Agree Mach 1. Much more enjoyable when there are additional attractions to the car event. Occasionally we hit the pure car event but unless it is a Cars and Coffee type show, the wife enjoys events with other activities. Case in point. Went to a car show, craft show at a new micro brewery. Toured the brewery which was really cool. Craft show had great vendors and looked at some nice cars. We both enjoyed ourselves immensely.
  9. Really nice place. Welcome and hope you enjoy Tennessee. No complaints come July though. Tornado season runs January thru December.
  10. JimC....wow. Well thought out and expertly written. Traits rarely found on a forum. Anybody considering this would do well to take your words to heart.
  11. I will say that the gloss envy detail spray + is a superior product. My favorite product to use on the black Shelby and I have tried numerous products much to my wife’s chagrin. Paying vendor is above my pay grade but Vendor or not, I hope there is a place where all the deals this season are congregated.
  12. Tourist. Did you stay at Opryland or Downtown? Only asking if you were Downtown and hit the cool sites. Howdy and welcome to Tennessee. Have to rustle you up some Tennessee Moonshine as a house warming gift. When I was younger, I knew some folks that had stills and some that made runs from East Tennessee. Not so much anymore. You can take that front license plate off by the way.
  13. Good Sunday. Milk tasting like beer was the discussion me an the missus had on this event. Kid must like his milk with a little foam on top.
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