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  1. My 2011 Kona Blue Metallic Window Sticker $2340. - Electronics package $1995. - Glass Roof $3495. - SVT Performance Package $ 375. - SVT Car Cover $ 850. - Destination & Delivery Total $57,700.00
  2. Motormouth, That happened to me a couple of times a few weeks ago...I also came to the conclusion that I was starting off in 3rd by accident. I wasn't watching the tach and I had the windows opened and system a lil loud, So I couldn't hear the engine bog down.....D'oh on my part.
  3. maqueswell

    Max GT500

    Some Photos of my Beast
  4. Hey Phil, I have a new tool for that also (that's if I should ever have the need to do it again), its a big assed screw driver and gently work it around the tube....LOL. Well heres the heart of my Beast; The resonator delete tube and Steeda Strut Tower Brace.
  5. 2010KonaBlueGT, Installed and looking good. My resonator was REALLY attached and DID NOT want to be removed. It just took a lil finesse. Tomorrow is the car show at the Lowes at the Rim in San Antonio. Great weekend!
  6. Ok.....so here I am about to install my resonator delete.....where in the heck do I start? I thought I was mechanically inclined, but this is proving otherwise. I do not want to take off or loosen any unnecessary clamps Thanks! Max
  7. I do....4 years and only 13.5k miles...do you EVER drive your car...LOL!!
  8. Oh so Nice...and here I am spending uh....some money on a professional paint restoration (2 step) procedure on my Beast........which might I add came out very nice! Good on you Gotoatz! Your Beast(s) looks MARVELOUS!
  9. Hello Julie, You have an awesome car...:-) !!!
  10. Hey DaFreak, Thanks...question, what is a "10% IW lower" (still learning the acronyms)? Did you install the 90mm Aux Idler AND Thump Tensioner?
  11. Thanks Phil, What I need to do is call my performance shop and ask if they can save my OEM tune before implementing the custom tune.
  12. Hello Speedrx, I did a lot of research between multiple SVT, Shelby & GT500 forums, settled on popular product/manufactures and performed more research on the above parts/mods that I want installed on me Beast. Is there anything wrong with any of the choices I made?
  13. Morning JP....I'm going to have to add you to my contact list...LOL. I sent you an email!
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