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  1. I'm going with the A/S3's due to the availability of OEM tire sizes. I also have the Continental DSW's on several cars and love them, but they are not available in OEM 2010-2012 GT500 sizes. I won't drive these cars in snow, but I will drive in cold weather, and I will get caught in rain. Wet grip means everything to me. Summer tires just seem too confining (weather sensitive) to me. I also have a set of Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 which offers OEM sizes 2010-2012 GT500. The reviews are good, but I have no wet experience yet. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all of the posts. I'm going with American Muscle Leguna Seca replicas, polished black. 19x5" on front, 19x10 on rear. I'll post some photos when done. Also, I posted a tire question on the GT500 forum: looking for the best all season tires. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3's seem to be leading.
  3. I am looking for all season/3 season high performance tires for a 2010 GT500. Does anyone have experience or comments about: 1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 2. Hankook Ventus S1. These two tires were the recommended choices in Consumer Reports test of ultra high performance all season tires. Thanks.
  4. Yes, powder coating is an option, and i've done it many times with my motorcycles. If I had the money, I would powder coat a set of OEM SVT's and keep an original gun metal set. Now, I would prefer a one stop solution by purchasing a black set from the beginning, but don't want to spend $2000+. There are many replica choices at American Muscle: http://www.americanmuscle.com/2010-mustang-wheels.html Anyone have experience with these replicas? I know they cannot be equal to OEM, but the prices are nice for a second set of "fun" wheels. And replicas of all SVT wheels appear available, plus 5 spoke TSW/Saleen versions. Comments? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Saw your post and the threads. Excellent information.
  6. Thanks. Beautiful car! I am picking up the same model, Grabber Blue, next week with Colorado Red stripes. I need black wheels, as you have done. Really brings out the Blue.
  7. Hello. I am seeking a set of black wheels for a 2010 GT500. I want to replace gun-metal OEM SVT's. Prefer a gloss finish, versus matte. Does anyone have recommendations, and maybe some photos? All brands and manufacturers considered. Also, if someone has a set of used black wheels for 2010 GT500 and would like to sell, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. I understand. I'm not trying to find out everything there is to know about the SGT and have it all laid out on a single post. What I am seeking is just the very "broad brush" picture, sort of an outline. Less than a week ago, I was an "outsider" as far all things SGT. Then I stumble across the SC variant, and "wow" flashes in my head. I want to know more. I seek and collect exclusive cars, and here was a model that never appeared on my radar screen. Seeking info on the SC leads right to SGT line, and again, I'm impressed with pedigree. So how, I ask, how do I find out more? And sure enough, trying to find out about the SC is a daunting task. The SGT is a little easier, but history gets murky as far production numbers, last year of production, variants (GT-H, Barrett Jackson (?), and SC). I'm really trying to place the SGT into a big picture of all Shelby vehicles 2007-now. And I'm hoping not to have to cobble results together from many different posts and threads. If necessary, though, I put in the effort. If I seem naive, it is true. If I seem lazy, it is not true. And interestingly, if SGT and GT/SC owners ever want to sell their cars to existing SGT owners, it is a easy deal. However, to widen the sales universe to an "outsider' such as me, and these questions emerge. Thanks for the patience.
  9. Thanks again for taking the time to answer the questions. I meant "black" not red when asking about the three GT/SC colors. My mistake. As for "family tree", I was really just seeking to establish the chronology and variations of Shelby GT's, starting with the GT-H. It seems, the GT-H was made, with some acclaim. Subsequently, the GT was introduced, launched off the GT-H package. Then Barrett Jackson did a special version of 100 cars. Then, or coincidentally, the SC package was made available. Is this all correct? Are there any other SGT variants? Then, did the GT option cease after 2008? I see that the SC option is available for 2014. Did the SC option cease after 2008, or has it continuously been available? Any idea who might be working on the SGT registry? I assume the GT/SC will be sub-set of this registry--is this correct in your opinion Finally, curious about your feelings on the Barrett Jackson cars. Can you share? Again, thanks very much.
  10. Agree. Very good article. Has anyone gone to the track and got low 12's and/or trap speed north of 115?
  11. Hello, again. Much thanks to everyone who participated in my earlier Forum about GT/SC production numbers and other questions. If you have not read the threads, including my final post, please do so. The threads are informative, and my ignorance was kindly tolerated. Now, I am more informed, which leads to more questions. Therefore, I would like to ask a few more questions, some in response to comments on my prior Post: 1. It has been mentioned that maybe 200 GT/SC's have been produced. a) should "produced" be changed to "registered and certified at/by _______________". Not sure what goes in the blank line. Help/suggestion appreciated. b) Where did the "200" figure come from? Is there a printed source? c) Is the 200 number only for 2007-08 white/red/blue cars? Can the numbers per color be found? 2. Why will Shelby not disclose the GT/SC numbers? It makes no sense to me. If anything, it helps promote the exclusivity of the brand/pedigree. And it shouldn't matter whether or not the option still is available. Am I missing something in my thoughts? GT500 numbers seem readily available. Any comments? 3. About the GT/SC pedigree--could someone help me reconstruct the time line and family tree--my dates/numbers are just a guess, to get us started. If there is a web source for this information, I'll go there. 2006-7 GT-H. The "mother" platform? 500 made, 497 auto, 03 stick, _______ verts, _______ coupes? How many of these Shelby GT-H modifications became the baseline for future Shelby GT mods? 2007: Barret Jackson GT: 100 made. _____ stick, _____ auto,______ vert,_______coupes? 2007-2008: Shelby GT: _______made, colors, auto/stick, vert/coupes? 2007-09: California Special: _____ made, colors, auto/stick, vert/coupes. 2007: GT/SC: White or Black. ______ made, ______stick________auto______vert_______coupes. 2008: GT/SC: Blue ______ made, ______stick________auto______vert_______coupes? After the above, what has happened to the Shelby GT "DNA and family tree"? Which came first: GT/SC or California Special, and is the Cal Special a full Shelby GT, or just a body/facelift Mustang? And, am I missing some "branches" of the family tree? 4. Perceived value question: As all of you know, 2007-2008 GT500's can be found between $24k and $38k, and many with one owner, low miles in the mid-range of these prices. In the marketplace, these GT500's are your competition. How would you distinguish the GT/SC from the GT500? Time to brag and and shout to the world, "I am not a GT500!" 5. Registry: Does anyone have any knowledge of any attempt to create a GT/SC registry? With just 200 (?) cars certified, and many in hands of 1st/2nd owners, shouldn't it be easy to build a registry? These owners are special, and they know it. It is a small club. Any comment? 6. Does anyone know how many GT/SC owners are registered on this Forum? Thanks again for all of the help. I am grateful, and maybe, a future GT/SC owner. I was just about to buy another 04 Terminator in competition orange (1 of 281 made), low miles, and, unfortunately, high dollar (always the case with low mileage 03-04 Cobras), . . . and then I stumbled onto a picture of GT/SC. So, here we are . . .
  12. Everyone, Thanks, and more thanks! I'm a good example of how difficult it can be for an "outsider" to understand and appreciate your cars, and I'm a car enthusiast with knowledge of SVT through 2004. Everyone seems to know the GT500, if only because so many have been made, and they are striking cars and have re-written the history of modern muscle cars. They have earned their high status, but they are not particularly exclusive cars at this time. The GT/SC is appealing to me because of its beauty, exclusivity, near 500 rwhp, and special post-title treatment. To really get the full bang for your buck, I think GT/SC owners need to pull together and launch some marketing/publicity campaigns. If I buy, I will throw some effort this way. As a beginning, a web site devoted to the GT/SC would be needed. And it is a simple design, and not intended to compete with this Forum. The site would contain history, some Forums, cross-links to this Forum (and similar), member profiles with photos, an attempt at a Registry, and streaming feeds for Shelby related issues. The goal is to send buyers and information-seekers to a single site, versus having to pour through Forums and search endlessly online. I spent a number of hours attempting to learn all that I could, and this single thread helped me more than I read all day. Secondly, and related to my thoughts above, a book on the GT/SC needs to be published. Publishing the book is easy and I would finance that part; however, it is essential to get some experts to write chapters such 1. Who was Carroll Shelby? 2. Shelby Mustang History: the 1960's 3. Shelby History: the 2005 to Present. 4. The Mustang GT 5. The Mustang GT/SC. 6. Registry, with photos and owner profiles. That book would put all GT/SC owners on a new, public plateau. And when time comes to sell your car, . . . reference page xx of the book and show your photos, certificate, whatever. Just some thoughts. I'm going to start a new thread, continuing my questions. Thanks so much.
  13. Attempted to send a PM to you. Did send an email. Look forward to hearing from you. Philip
  14. Hello. Is there a single database or listing for all 2007-09 GT 500's sorted by year, color, and stripe? Same question for later models. I am trying to locate production numbers by year and color, and also stripe, if possible. Thanks
  15. Hello, I am a newbie to the forum. I come from SVT cars and 2004 Cobras (aka, "Terminator"), and I am thinking about joining the ranks of Shelby owners. And I want something special, . . . which brings me to your cars. I would appreciate any help with the following questions: 1. Were GT/SC's made in only 2008? I see where the option exists for 2014. 2. Is there a record of how many GT/SC were sold/made, and sorted by color and transmission? 3. Is there a Registry just for the GT/SC? 4. Were most/all GT/SC's a custom order, or did some dealers have pre-built models in their showrooms for sale? 5. Did customers get a choice of blowers--Whipple, Paxton, Bell, or Eaton? 6. After leaving Shelby site, did the cars come with dyno numbers from Shelby. 7. Are the cars usually insured and titled as Mustang GT's? 8. Anything on the VIN or data plate to verify the Shelby connection or build history? 9. What does the "SC" stand for? 10. Finally, any recommended references--books or web--about the GT/SC? I love your cars, based on what I know so far. Now I want to know more. All help greatly appreciated, Thanks
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