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  1. Wouldn't a pulley make noise on hot or cold start?
  2. I just had it changed. Hoping that would solve the issue. It didn't. Never heard it on warm crank
  3. It was not there from day one. I recorded it because it is intermittent and does not happen every start up. Can not be heard from the inside. And it does only happen during cold crank
  4. To help clarify, it sounds like two marbles hitting together
  5. This is a 2014 with 3,000 miles. I can hear a tapping noise upon start up that then stops when revved or when engine is up to temp. Sounds like lifter tap to me. Thought?
  6. I have no idea about a mustang/shelby club in my area or how to find one. I'm from South Carolina. About 45min outside myrtle beach
  7. I want to do a gear swap. I have read horror stories from some of you that basically says the local ford place don't know how to work on Shelby's. Thoughts? If I use ford racing parts will the service dept back their work if there is a whine and/or other problem?
  8. Weren't some places selling these for OVER MSRP? Aren't some places selling them for MSRP? If so this is a crazy deal
  9. Any other inputs? I can't find a definitive answer as to how big this TB is.
  10. The ford racing super cobra jet oval TB. And the ford racing twin 65mm cobra jet TB. Obviously one has one opening and the other has 2. I can't find how large the opening is on the oval one? Thanks
  11. Just wondering since they are stickers. I washed my black on black today and I can see some white lines on the edges of my black sticker. Like maybe the side glue under the sticker showing? I don't know
  12. How do you get in touch with the customer support? I had some questions and I can't see any contact info on their website.
  13. How do you get a sct for Lund to upload there tune? You just have to buy any random aftermarket one? And I was looking at the bama handhelds, can they be used for Lund? And I see the bama says PC/Windows only. I have Macs so what are my options?
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