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  1. I would not trade my 2014 GT350 for two 2016 GT350s. I had never seen one in person until I received mine and pictures do these cars no justice, they are something very special. Every car show or car cruise I go to I hope to see another but never have.
  2. Very nice GT350, she is as beautiful as she is rare. I can't wait to get our 2014 GT350 build numbers, were you given any hints on what they are? Who installed your side scopes? I like them.
  3. Her name is Ivy, which is short for Poison Ivy. Thanks to the suggestion on this post.
  4. The signature is a autopen from the Carroll Shelby Foundation.
  5. I like Ivy, thanks. If it helps I can take pics of the emblems side by side or even the back of the PBF emblem.
  6. My PBF emblems were taped, the dealership took the prongs off and taped the GT350 emblems on so if I every decided to go back to the PBF emblems I could.
  7. As requested earlier, I could really use some good ideas on what to name her.
  8. Here are a couple more pics, let me know if you would like more. To answer some questions, the GT350 emblems came from Shelby American and the dealer installed them. The options list are the following, GT350 lighted door sills, rear window block offs, spoiler, interior upgrade with recaros, car cover, polished 624 SC, drive shaft upgrade, cooling system and billet watts link rear suspension. I may have forgotten something but that is most of the options.
  9. After 10 months of waiting I picked up my 2014 GT350 from my dealership today!!! Pictures do this color and car absolutely no justice. For those of you on the fence on the GT350 fender emblems, they look great. For those still waiting, hang in there it's so worth it. I really could use some ideas on what to name her.
  10. Ok, you twisted my arm. I am still waiting on my 14' GT350 which was ordered just before the order banks closed. The wait is hard and I now expect to receive my car just before it needs to go into storage for the long WI winters. It's almost a violation of my 8th Amendment rights(cruel and unusual punishments). However going to this forum eases the wait.
  11. Thank you all for your advice and input. I look forward to being part of Team Shelby!
  12. They are done taking orders, I ordered before the end of the year. Shelby should be getting the donor car from Ford this month. I can still modify my order until they start the build and that is why I'm asking for advice. Thanks.
  13. Hello folks. I just joined Team Shelby and I am looking for tips and advice on the order and building of your GT350. Anything you wish you would have ordered for options or is there anything you regretted ordering? Was anyone able to get photos of their vehicle being built? Did any of you make any types of requests of sales staff to make the process more memorable, ie sign your vehicle, build team photo with the vehicle, etc? Hopefully Shelby American will receive my GHIG mustang this month. Options ordered (so far) are polished S/C, interior upgrade with Recaros, spoiler, window block offs, car cover, and vintage emblem set.
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