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  1. How many miles? It is above the oil level.
  2. Axle tubes can slip, on a really prepped track, and drag radials.
  3. Oh yeah those SS for sure are real.... In fact, the S197 SS is the pinnacle of CS's input and the natural progression of the Mustang to the modern era. These modern S197 Super Snakes are phenomenal, with the 2013-14 MY being the icing on the cake. I will admit, I am slightly envious of Super Snake owners, of this iteration. For the "modern era" of muscle cars, my opinion changes. Anything of this current period, with licensing from Shelby, is as real as you can get in this day and age, including continuation cars. My point is, there was a "golden era" of the original Shelby's, these S197s from Detroit, are not in the same class as the the aforementioned, but still have inherent uniqueness, in this modern age, when converted to SAI's specs as a SS or similar.
  4. You do have a point, allow me to clarify. There is a definite pecking order, when it comes to collectibles. An AC/Cobra is the top of the list for many world-wide collectors. Sorry Twobjs. even though you paid a ton of money for that continuation car, that's not true Shelby either. Anything "Shelby-ized" after the fact, is just a money grabbing scheme, cashing in on nostalgia. Good ole' CS would stamp his name on anything to make a buck. Close, but it doesn't replace an original. Shelby stopped building real AC/Cobras many many years ago. Just like with Porschephiles, they believe no other Porsche is a "true" Porsche, unless it's an air cooled 911. Of course the GT350s, GT500s, etc., from the muscle era, are true Shelbys. Is the Dodge Omni GLH Shelby a real Shelby???? Not in my book. However, to be clear, a S197 is not a true Shelby, by any other word, except as a "licensed" version. Great cars, just don't kid yourself about the heritage.
  5. Anyways, dug this up, however, I already knew this: http://www.themustangnews.com/content/2009/03/2007-ford-shelby-gt-500/ Quoted: -------------- The 2007 Ford Shelby GT-500 is billed as the most powerful Mustang ever built by Ford motor Company. While it is a car that was fully developed by Ford’s SVT (Special Vehicle Team) group, the car was branded as a Shelby GT-500 late in the development process and came to market as such. In the mass appeal that the car has due to the Carroll Shelby marketing connection, the reality is that he had little if anything to do with the development and building of the car itself. This is 180 degrees from the 2007 Shelby GT Mustang which his company built at the Shelby Automobiles plant in Las Vegas, NV – much like was done in the 1960’s. The 2007 Shelby Ford GT-500 rolls off the Ford assembly line in Flat Rock, MI. --------------
  6. SAI Steve, what's the "official" statement from SAI on this subject? I'm not releasing the video, as it's very clear that SAI's official position, two years ago was, CS had nothing, but his name to offer Ford in developing the S197 GT500. A two week paid vacation, to yuk it up in front of the cameras, in Detroit, doesn't count as development time. You can't "develop" a car in 2 weeks. There are some very sore members here, thinking they "own a Shelby", when in fact, they don't. CSX number, or go home, that's a Shelby. A Ford with Shelby scripting, is a LICENSED car, no way comparable to a real Shelby. Thanks Steve
  7. At least I own a Shelby, you just own a Ford Why did you dump that nice CSX for a Ford A good way to spot a troll, is they usually have responses shorter than their signature file, and unusually high post counts, due to their multitudes of three sentence (non contributory) retorts...
  8. You miss those 2nd gear grind threads, I'm guessing
  9. I gave you two requirements. CSX # and been touched by SAI. I've owned more than one S197 SVT Cobra/Shelby, btw. Lettering was/is still on both cars.
  10. Wow, two whole weeks, Bet a lot got done What specifically did he advise Ford on? You are also forgetting they aren't real Shelbys. No CSX number, never in Vegas. Who are you kidding. just yourselves? Great car, no doubt, in fact I'd make the case, for the money, you aren't touching a SVT "Shelby". Love mine, even though "it's not a real Shelby."
  11. Probably over-revved by previous owner, and the rod stretched. Not being round, it failed after many miles. Sucks!
  12. Looks awesome! What rim sizes, and tire choice?
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