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  1. Well the most thing I care about is the fenders emblem and the headrest. And no I'm not looking to be a member of the event that happened before I just like how the emblems looks like
  2. meh i kinda lost hope to find any of it i saw the 2 auctions that happened one was the full package (unfortunately i didnt win it even i went up to bid (830 dollars) but the last sec someone bid higher than me then i saw that auction for the headrest ( unfortunately also i lost it ) i raised my bidding up to 200 dollars and last sec someone bid higher than me -.- guess i just have to wait for ebay to put some for me lol
  3. Ebay is my only hope at the moment lol !
  4. I saw some auction were on ebay on that package before 3 months or something. So I'm hoping to see another auction like that lol
  5. Yea well too bad I couldn't spend 6000 dollars on some badges and nascar tickets Coz it was silly to pay all this amount of money on this And suddenly after all these years. I realized I want this package lol! So actually I was looking if someone wanna sell this package or some of it. Because I'm willing to spend good cash on it Anyway thanks!
  6. hello guys anyone know where i can find the shelby 427 package (parts) such as : *fender emblems *head rests * floor mats * trunk mat or if any of the members is interested to selling them here some pictures to clarify what am talking about
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