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  1. That's a great sales strategy right there. At the end of the day, you all vote with your wallets. If you don't like our products, nobody is forcing you to buy them, and nobody is forcing you to be on this forum either. Coming on TS and complain for the sake of complaining is useless and it ruins the spirit of this forum. If you have a specific problem with our products or service, please contact us directly so we have the chance to do everything possible to make you happy. Like it or leave it...we don't need you. Gotta love it.
  2. Another thread deleted by TS moderators because someone didn't like the fact that someone beat them to the punch on the new limited edition SS. What a crock. 05mustangman : (18 December 2014 - 04:58 PM)I guess that thread was deleted now... The official announcement is up. This forum continues to move in a forward direction toward total censorship. Threads and posts are constantly being deleted or edited and the comments, suggestions and opinions of those it was supposed to be developed for are just wiped away. If TS doesn't like it, disagrees with it or decides (for us) that it's inappropriate...it's gone. Sometimes I wonder if those who run this forum realize that we don't live in China, North Korea, or in 1941 Germany. I guess there is no Team Shelby in "Freedom of Speech" and as a US citizen and military veteran that just pisses me right off. AK.
  3. Robert, that is pretty sweet! I may have to look into one of those. T.
  4. News story about a Vette, but there's a KR in there. AK. https://gma.yahoo.com/video/valet-39...120957291.html
  5. Sounds like some great mods Bruce. I have no plans to change my suspension, I even have spare set (NIB) for later on down the road. My mods will be limited to the interior, rockers and eventually a period KR correct TVS and perhaps the six piston brakes as offered in the up fitter package. AK.
  6. Those of us with KRs have these decals in our door jambs. The stickers are blue and read: This vehicle was altered by Shelby Automobiles in xx/xx and as altered it conforms to all applicable...etc, etc, you get the idea. Mine was altered 10/08 as per my decal. Recently, I found four new decals in my owners manual for a KR that was altered in 12/08. Why would these not be on the car they were made for? AK.
  7. Great looking seats guys. I'm having the KR interior upgraded next month with the two-tone black/vista blue along with a few other goodies. AK.
  8. Cool vintage video for those who haven't seen it yet. AK.
  9. The cars belong to a private collector in Arkansas. He was looking to sell one to make room for something else. A buddy of mine was looking for one. I'll have ot see if he bought it. AK.
  10. I've purchased them before. I had one for my Red 07 and I have two for the KR. Very nice and sturdy. AK.
  11. I recently spoke with Steve at SAI. He informed me that less than two dozen 08-09 KRs have had the up-fit package installed. I'd like to know who else has done this. AK.
  12. Add a smaller pulley, and remove the hood insulation. You'll definitely hear the whine. AK.
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