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  1. Nice, that's literally down the street from where I work.
  2. Remember that most spark plug adds are focused on the biggest market out there, 87 octane burning daily drivers. Stick with Iridium plugs a heat range lower than stock and you'll be good to go. My car has Motorcraft iridium plugs, but the Brisk racing plugs are great too.
  3. Put a McLeod RXT into my car, figured for the small increase in price I'd rather have room to grow the power down the road. Drive it into Atlanta in stop and go traffic and still taking all the power I'm throwing at it. No complaints here.
  4. Join the Georgia Chapter of Team Shelby South Atlantic for a late summer meet and greet at Gordon Biersch, in Buckhead. We will gather about 11:00 am to do some grippin, grinnin, and drooling over each other’s cars. There is plenty of parking, viewable from the restaurant. GB opens at 11:30 am, so we should have pick of the lot and tables. Come on out and let's get some momentum going for our chapter, and chat about other events we can host or attend. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Gordon Biersch - Buckhead3242 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30305 Saturday at 11 AM - 2 PM
  5. Intercooler, not so much. Heat exchanger, definitely. It's shocking to see how small the factory unit is. I would have thought it was an oil cooler if I didn't know better. The VMP triple pass and their 3x plastic reservoir are a great addition to any GT500 regardless of the blower.
  6. This Sunday was one of the biggest ones they've ever had. My alarm went off at 5 for me to get down there but I rolled over and turned that thing right back off and went to my friends pool and drank beer instead around noon.
  7. I've got KR mufflers on stock manifolds and cats as well so totally agree. That being said I'm considering headers and they may have to go once the long tubes go on. Hoping the long tubes will get me to the point where I can run a 2.4 upper and a 10% lower and still be safe. May need a bump in injectors though if get flowing that much air though.
  8. So you're on the 2.5 upper and 10% lower now? That makes sense as far as the limit for the 56lb injectors. I was debating looking into the 2.4 vs going with a lower pully. If you have access to E85 you could go bigger on the injectors and make a bunch more power. E85 can take a ton of ignition timing. Unfortunately E85 isn't very common around the Atlanta area.
  9. I have about the exact same setup on my 2009 GT500 and love it. VMP Gen 2 VMP twin 67MM throttle body 2.5" pulley JLT 127mm intake 56lb injectors 3x heat exchanger bottle VMP triple pass heat exchanger with fans Still need to get the boost-a-pump and a 170 degree thermostat but the car pulls great and just never gives up even on the factory 3.31 rear gears. Before this my car made 550whp out of the stock blower and I could dead hook 2nd gear unless it was actively raining. The car now will only hook 2nd if the asphalt is perfect and the tires are up to temp. Definitely making more power now than before. If the road surface is anything less than perfect then it will happily do a 2nd gear rolling burnout even with the traction control on. Love this blower and can't wait to keep pushing it with some more complimenting modifications.
  10. For the right price I'll take the aftermarket stripes off of my car and sell you my factory 1 of 1. Lol.
  11. If you're going to stay on the stock blower then that clutch will work great and its the cheapest option available.
  12. I have not as it's a convertible and many of the open track events aren't big fans of convertibles without roll bars running track days. That being said the RXT is probably the most common clutch installed into the GT500's and I have never heard of people having issues with the McLeod RXT's on track duty.
  13. Ask for a refund and put in a trouble free RXT. I drive mine in Atlanta traffic and still takes everything this VMP TVS Gen 2 can throw at it.
  14. The Front clip comes off pretty easily in these cars. That being said, most aftermarket headlights suffer in light pattern and light output in the name of style.
  15. I've got 13,000 miles on my McLeod RXT and it's still flawless. I wish you guys the best, but this kind of stuff is what scares me about trying out new and untested products from manufacturers without the reputation of others.
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