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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-Shelby-GT-1-18-Vista-Blue-Hardtop-In-Box-Rare-Shelby-Collectibles-Diecast/293357093080?hash=item444d7200d8:g:fDUAAOSwINNd5ACw
  2. Wayland, this post was originally made 9 years ago. The Shelby shop that did the high-performance upgrades no longer exists. I suggest you do some research to find a local shop that can do a proper engine switch.
  3. The local Mustang club (GHMA) has booked a private show for members at a theater. Looking forward to the movie!
  4. If you're getting rubbing then you need an adjustable panhard bar. Our cars were lowered but not geometrically corrected at the factory. Take a look at the tire to wheel-well gaps on both sides, bet they're different. The differential needs centering and a panhard will fix it. I run 295's on the back, no rubbing, and to the legal edge of the wheel-well (on 10" rims by the way, not 8.5 like yours).
  5. I would recommend simply replacing the stainless screws with aluminum instead of rivets.
  6. I would call Shelby directly for a shopping list. I have the same setup. The boost-a-pump suffices but I would suggest a GT500 dual pumps. You'll need an intercooler, and bigger brakes for safety. Gauges are a nice touch but not required.
  7. Glad it worked out, looks a lot better now.
  8. The pins need to be lowered, they're set too high. Loosen and adjust the two nuts that attach the pins to the radiator frame and lower the pins about a quarter inch. You might have to tweak them a few times up or down to get everything snug. Use your old plates to get the pins right before you put the new plates on,. Your lanyards should be up, not down like you show in your photos.
  9. Yes adjust the actual pin lower, about a quater inch by the looks of it. Might take a few tries before you find the sweet spot. I'd leave the old ones on till you get the pin at the right level, then replace the plates. BTW, you should also replace your stainless screws with aluminum if you haven't already.
  10. Sway bar bushing set for Shelby GT = #M5490A. Regular GT bushings will not fit. Just had mine replaced a couple months ago. They will bind for a bit before settling in, so you might hear a different clunk or groan after installation. Only use silicon based lubricant. Regular grease eats the poly bushings, which might have happened to your SGT. https://www.cjponyparts.com/ford-racing-sway-bar-bushings-for-frpp-sway-bar-m5490a/p/M5490BKA/
  11. Unofficially, the Berg snake below is the "correct" cobra for the Shelby GT.
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