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  1. Hey Jim, how we looking for the day trip to Xcentrick in Windsor?
  2. Remove 6 pins. Push the cover towards the engine to release from the upper grille "grove", lift pull back and slide forward from under the hood pin plates.
  3. I'm interested in feedback as well.
  4. It was all the hype of something "new" that was disappointing, given it's a Shelby GT with extra badging and several specific SGT add-ons? It's a limited edition of a current build. That said, I love the orange (can't believe I just said that), and those will be rare in the future. We'll have to see if one or two are set aside as executive cars (low mile and unbeaten), especially an orange one.
  5. Thanks Steve, guess we'll read about it in a book someday, many years from now lol.
  6. Thank you Steve and 66GT350PS for clarifying. So why was it named Shelby GT and not GT350? The must be a story
  7. I believe Jim, the Director of TS Ontario, has this car. Maybe he can chime in?
  8. I remember reading a while back, and correct me if I'm wrong, that SA didn't have the rights to use the "GT350" name for their new pre-title 07-08's and used "Shelby GT" instead?
  9. So when are we going to Xcentrick Jim? Weekend preferred, as most of work during the week.
  10. My buddy Gerry waiting for direction to move into a "5" in his 66 Tribute. He works at Ford and joked that he took a day of work to go to work.
  11. Happy Birthday Mustang. Ford Canada Headquarters.
  12. There’s a Mustang 55th birthday party at Ford headquarters Oakville this Wednesday (April 17) at 10 am. They’ll be setting up some cars into a 55 for an aerial photo. I’ll be going, weather permitting.
  13. Open to anything you got going on Jim. Xcentrick shop tour sounds like fun. Enjoyed lunch last Saturday, with all the "Shelby" talk.
  14. Bought these pull overs from SA about 5 years ago, if these are what you mean? Maybe remove your covers and get them embroidered locally?
  15. I agree with everyone's additional assessments. I took it upon myself to start with a range for the OP, and as anticipated, figured you guys would help refine that range, knowing 30K was high. Note: Some dealers are asking 30K+ for slightly higher mileage (but they've probably been sitting for a long while). Anyhow, hopefully the OP follows up here with his asking price.
  16. Like new, unmolested low mile car can sell in a hurry for $22K ... or wait for the right buyer = $30K. Others will chime in with additional questions to narrow in on a value, but you're looking at this range.
  17. Annual "Ford Stampede" at Ford Headquarters Canada, Oakville, Ontario. Presented by the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association (GHMA). http://www.fordstampede.ca/ Over 500 cars last year, with 400+ mustangs and Shelby's. Easy access off the highway, and about an hour north of Niagara Falls.
  18. Burlington Car show July 06. This show fills fast, register soon. http://www.burlingtoncarshow.ca/ Ford Stampede - July 28. Presented by GHMC at Ford headquarters. Registration open at http://fordstampede.ca/ Jim Hardie: Can we possibly look at doing Shelby event here in Southern Ontario this summer? Maybe piggy back another event?
  19. In case anyone is interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-18-AUTOART-7117-FORD-SHELBY-MUSTANG-GT-2007-GRABBER-ORANGE-NEW-3000-MADE/183652902728?hash=item2ac290e748:g:KzYAAOSwc1ZbuCQD:rk:8:pf:0
  20. You mean this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carroll-Shelby-Signature-Autometer-2-1-16-Oil-Pressure-Gauge-Kit/192825665694?hash=item2ce54e289e:g:CNMAAOSwTgJcZZPz
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