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  1. Just thought I would post a follow-up in case anyone else encounters this problem. I went to both the dealer and two local auto part stores looking for the clips. Unfortunately, the dealer only sells it as a kit along with the side scoop and I could not locate anything similar enough from the part stores. I decided that just using the broken clip was good enough since the tape provides 99% of the hold strength anyway. I bought simple 3M automotive tape and 3M adhesive remover. Getting the old tape and gunk off the car and scoop was quite a PITA, but an hour of spraying and scrubbing eventually removed it all. One thing I was cautious of was not getting it on the side stripe decals along the side since I didn't want to ruin those in the process. Luckily, applying the new tape and reinstalling was super easy and only took a couple minutes.
  2. That might be an easier solution rather than taking the interior apart. The broken clips are at least intact enough to align the scoop properly. Honestly, the tape has probably held it for several years now. I'm just speculating, but the clips were probably broken by a body shop that I took the car to years ago when someone backed into the driver side.
  3. So using your information about California Special side scoops I was able to find the actual scoops on various websites (Part SKU is XT2060) such as the following: https://www.donexgoods.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=788552 The clips in the picture look correct, but I can't find anywhere that sells just the clips. I'll check an auto parts store to see what they have and worst case I'll go to the dealer. I think for the tape I can just use: https://www.amazon.com/3M-38582-Exterior-Attachment-Tape/dp/B00JR4D70K/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2QUIYMN3ZHL9V&keywords=3m+automotive+double+sided+tape&qid=1583111693&sprefix=3m+automotive%2Caps%2C222&sr=8-3
  4. I think I have the tape figured out. Just use 3M automotive tape and cut pieces to fit along the sides of the scoop. The actual retaining clip is proving more difficult and I might have to visit the dealer to see if they have it. I would take it to a body shop, but I bet it would cost at least a couple hundred dollars just to remove the trim and I'd rather put the work in myself to save money.
  5. Hello, Has anyone had a problem with the side scoops falling off? I noticed the other day that mine was coming loose and upon closer inspection realized that both the retaining clips had failed. The only thing holding the scoop on was the double sided tape along the perimeter of the scoop. I can probably figure out how to tear into the interior to access the clip holes, but I am having difficulty determining where to find replacement clips and also what double sided tape I should buy. I ripped the scoop off so that I don't lose it on the freeway, but now I need to find these parts in order to replace it. Any ideas where the correct clips and tape can be found?
  6. Just dropped my car off at the shop! I ended up going to shop #2 for a couple reasons. When I arrived they started rethinking the strategy and recommended just painting and clearing the stripes like shop #1 originally proposed. Since they are not willing to do the 'SHELBY GT' lettering on the sides I opted to have the vinyl replaced (~$300 + labor) since they did not discolor/rust like the rest of the stripes. Hoping this all goes well!
  7. I live in the North Bay and in the 6+ years I've owned the car it has been garage about half that time. I want to leave the removal to the shop since he likely has experience. When you say 'option two' do you mean the guy that will bury the top stripes under clearcoat and not touch the sides? My side stripes look fine despite some slight dulling overall. No stains or obvious defects but I think they just appear a tad darker if that makes sense. I want to have it done since it is only an additional $900 and the shop mentioned that he has a sign shop that makes stencils for his custom jobs. He explained to me that he masks everything himself but uses the stencils for the unusual things that would take way too much time. I have faith because his website looks legitimate and he took time to show me 8-10 other cars (classic Mustangs) in his shop where he had done striping on a few. The stripes looked nice but were buried under the clearcoat since they were total restorations meaning I didn't get an exact look at what he would be doing for my car.
  8. Is paint peelup common when removing the stripes? I took a heat gun to the top the other day and after 30 seconds it seemed like they would come off really easy. One reason I don't want to repaint the whole car though is I drive it daily and park it outside at night. I never intend for this car to be 'show quality' but just want it clean and nice looking. I polished and waxed a small section yesterday and the black looks pretty good despite the 'orange peel' and swirl marks that I can only notice when 1 foot away.
  9. The shop I liked did say he would have a stencil made by a logo/sign shop. I'll probably take the leap of faith here in the next couple of weeks. The shop I was referred to is http://www.therestomodshop.com and I made the two hour drive to get the quote. I feel this will be my best bet in getting this done right.
  10. Did you get both the top and sides done? His quote is $3700 total for ALL stripes which is what I will probably do.
  11. Was the $2500 for just the top stripes or both top and sides?
  12. So it sounds like the first shop would be my best bet especially since I saw some of his work. The painted cars he had in stock had the stripes and entire car clearcoated for the flawlessly smooth finish but then again they were all total restores that were stripped and painted. Yes, my side stripes are technically fine but if I'm going forward with this then I may as well have them painted for an additonal $900 which I feel is very reasonable. I didn't add this part but I do have a small insurance claim open due to someone hitting my car. It's a small fender bender but between that and the minor knicks on the front he was trying to figure ways to milk two insurance claims. He explained it off like it was the 'proper' way to fix everything but it sounded so shady I already know I won't go there.
  13. My stripes have completely faded and peeled to the point where I am embarassed to drive my car so I am looking to paint the stripes once and for all. 1) The shop I like the most at the moment just talked about removing the vinyl, masking, painting, and clear coating the stripes (leaving a slight ridge). His quote came to about $2800 for the top stripes and $900 for both sides. He had many other mustangs (mostly classic) in his shop being repaired/painted. While he did general body work I got the impression he was mostly into custom and specialty work. 2) Another shop would stripe then clearcoat the entire top surface, hood, trunk, etc. at a cost of $2600 but did not want to touch the side stripes. He was more of a general body shop and I got the feeling custom striping was more of an occassional thing. 3) The last shop qouted $1200 to do the work described by the first shop and $2500 to clearcoat the entire top. However, he advised against clearcoating the entire section saying the minor imperfections on the black paint would then be sealed underneath. He tried to sell me on repainting the entire car black and then doing the stripes with a total clearcoat. He said it would be in the $5-6k range which is way out of my budget. He also tried to convince me that I could turn it into insurance as damage caused while driving on the freeway from rock chips. He showed me a 2014 mustang where he painted a large single stripe and it looked very good but overall I did not get the best feeling about this shop since he really wanted to get involved with insurance. My car is a daily driver exposed to elements so it has swirl marks, minor imperfections, and a small rock chip or two. Repainting the whole car seems too expensive and impractible given how I utilize the car. Im thinking about just doing the stripes but am confused why shop #1 is making it seem like a really big deal to clearcoat entire sections and #2 is just including it in his price. Are there any problems with just painting/clearcoating the stripes? I don't need the car to literally look brand new but definitely want to get the 'pop' back. Do these quotes sound reasonable? If anyone else could tell me your experience it would be much appreciated.
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