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  1. I'll start by saying that my performance driving experience has been limited to a 2005 Lamborghinni Gallardo and a 1990 T-Bird SC. The Lambo was easy with an e-gear transmission - nail the gas and the car takes off like a rocket. The GT500 is a different beast to tame. I'm 100% all stock and the temperature's been sitting around 24oc/75F. I've tried the launch control and 0-60mph timer a number of times. On the lowest setting of 3,000rpm's, my best time is 4.9s with a little tire spin. I'm finding it difficult to punch the gas without tire spin. I've read a number of similar comments stating that the traction issues would be resolved if I switch to Michelin Super Sport Pilots on the rear. Also, the user's manual suggests the Goodyears are suited for track performance. I wonder, if I'm to hit the 3s times advertised, am I to be heating the tires before every launch in order to post 0-60 times in the 3's? Perhaps I'm dumping the clutch too quickly at the start? Sorry, I have no drag racing experience. Any advice?
  2. Good afternoon all, I've been using a rewriteable CD to dump songs onto, and then record into the Jukebox. It works and it's not that much of a nuisance; however, I'm concerned that if the battery is every disconnected... am I starting over? Anyone know? This is the 2014 GT500.
  3. Good morning all, I'm days away from my first mustang purchase - 2014 GT500. Living in Canada, I'd only be driving the car for 4 months of the year, and was curious if I should have any concerns parking the car at our 'Park and Ride' lot, so I can jump on a commuter train into work each day. Have you ever had someone vandalize/pry off emblems, etc... while parked at shopping malls or public parking lots? Dave
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