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  1. Thanks for all the replies, still have not heard back from anyone at Ford. I am amazed at the number of people who have had their clutch fail with these cars. It really takes the shine off of my opinion of Ford. I am really pleased with the Mcleod, now thinking of a 355 or 373 gear. Had the 355 in my 08 GT, never any problems.
  2. Wanted to let everyone know the status of my clutch situation. Two weeks ago I was contacted by a member of the SVT board, Ashley, who is a Ford employee. He asked that I PM him my info and Ford would start a case & have a regional representative contact me. For the record Ashley has been very professional & helpful, it is the ones above him that have not been. To recap where we were, I was waiting on a Mcleod RXT clutch & flywheel while my Shelby had been on the Ford dealers lift for over a week. So the next day a lady who said she was the Southeast Regional manager called my cell. She said Ford would pay $1500 towards the replacement which was now a $3000 bill(down from $3800 when it was all out of my pocket) I said great but I was going to put in an aftermarket clutch since two Fords had failed. The labor at the dealer was $750, would they pay that(half of the Ford clutch offer) and I would go away. I had $1550 in the clutch, flywheel & throwout bearing/slave cylinder at this point. Her attitude turned 180 degrees. No! they wouldn't pay anything on an aftermarket clutch! I tried to discuss the TSB with her but she kept saying that was for the flywheel only. I said it is the flywheel that is overheating the clutch & causing it to fail but she kept talking over me so I finally said "Whoever your superior is have them call me." & I hung up on her. That is not something I usually do, but the situation has been incredibly frustrating. About an hour later a gentleman from Ford called, evidently her superior, the number was from Central Florida. He was much more sympathetic to my problem & very polite, but still towed the company line that it was a "wear" issue. I asked him if it was his car would he put another twice failed clutch in? He said probably not but if I went with the Ford clutch it would carry a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. I said if that was the case why had I not been offered any warranty(besides the $1500 that same day a week after the ordeal had begun) The 2nd clutch that had failed me was only six months old & had only 1500 miles(500 before me & around 1000 by me). Well that started the hem hawing & he said he would have to talk to someone else & get back to me. That was 2 weeks ago & have not heard a word from anyone despite several PM's from Ashley promising I would hear from them "the next day" for sure. The Mcleod was installed the day after the phone conversations & I paid the dealer the labor out of pocket which puts me around $2500 on a FORD CERTIFIED used car that was 4 weeks into my ownership that had a FORD extended warranty & the failed clutch was still in warranty. I am warranty poor & $2500 poorer! The Mcleod is an outstanding clutch & I am still breaking it in after 2 weeks, no regrets on it. What course should I take at this point? I have thought of sending my story to the Ford board members or possibly consulting an attorney(on principal, probably wouldn't recoup the money on that route). Thanks for letting me vent! Joel S.
  3. Thanks guys, and ViperNC, yes live in Greenville & work in Spartanburg.
  4. I ordered the Mcleod RXT kit with flywheel from American Racing yesterday, it will be in tomorrow. Got the slave cylinder/throwout bearing today at NAPA. Still trying to get the selling dealer to pay the install charge($750) Will keep posted. Thanks for all the replies. Joel S.
  5. Called Ford customer service, told the whole story, she put me on hold for 2 minutes and came back & said "sorry, its a wear issue, nothing we can do". Its not over.
  6. Thanks for the quick responses, I think I will call Ford Customer Svc next & see what happens. I will post when I know something. Thanks, Joel S
  7. Hi Guys, New to the forum & new GT500 owner. Here's my story, have had a 65 fastback GT 4 speed car for close to 25 years, bought a new 08 GT 5 speed car 6 years ago & put 98k miles on it. Always wanted a Shelby so started looking at the 1st of this year. Favored the 08-09's, so that was my target years. Live in the Upstate of SC, found an 09 GT500 in Metro Atlanta(2-1/2 hours away) at a Ford dealership(nameless for now). Cleaned up the 08 and drove it to Atlanta on Saturday Feb. 22nd. Shelby had 36,004 miles on the odo and was literally flawless on the paint, body, & interior. All stock with the exception of Magnaflow axlebacks & what I later found out were 3" Magnaflow mid-pipes. It did have stick on rear glass abs louvers, quarter glass louvers, and even stick on hood pins!(all removed post haste) Test drive was great, we worked out a deal & I traded the 08 & brought home my 1st Shelby. I commute about 25 miles one way each day(90% Interstate, I-85) and this past Wednesday(4-1/2 weeks of ownership) on the way home was in 6th gear doing about 70 MPH, gave it some throttle and it slipped. Got to my exit, shifted from 1st to 2nd & it really slipped. Got it in my garage and the smell of burnt clutch was overwhelming. I will mention at this point that the Shelby was a Ford Certified Used Car & that I purchased an extended 2 year, 36k mile bumper to bumper Ford warranty(not a 3rd party warranty company) when I bought the car. Called my local Ford dealer Thursday(3/27) and they said bring it in. I did at 9AM & they said they would advise me when they knew something. I did discuss the TSB with the service agent when I dropped it off but he kind of blew it off saying that it would not cause slippage of the clutch. Did not hear back all day so I called at 4PM & they said the tranny had to be pulled & they would call me in the morning, & they would work with me to get the issue resolved. Went to the dealership Friday morning at 10AM, they let me go into the garage. My Shelby was up on the rack and let me tell you it made me sick to see my dream cars tranny on the shop floor! Tech was super nice, was a 93 Cobra owner and very informative. He showed me the clutch and it was burnt to a crisp and the flywheel was one big hotspot. Here is where it starts to get strange. He said the clutch was not an 09 clutch, it was a 2011 style. At this point for everyone's protection I am just going to state that the clutch had been changed in Sep. 2013(6 months ago) at a Ford dealer in GA(not the one I purchased from) when the car had 35,500k miles!(remember it had 36,004 when I bought it 5 weeks ago today) He said they would do everything they could to get it repaired under warranty and would let me know when Ford gave them a decision. The service rep called about 1PM and said that Ford had responded back that the clutch was not covered and that the repair would cost me $3800 out of pocket and that was putting back the original 09 problematic clutch! I argued that the car was Ford Certified & had the extended warranty. He responded that they said it was normal wear! I also reminded him that I had put 98k on my 08 GT and the clutch in it was as good as the day I bought it. Didn't matter, he suggested I call Ford Customer Service or the dealer I brought it from. I called the dealer in GA I bought the car from next & left a message for the manager to call. At about 4PM the used car manager called back, he was helpful & sympathetic. I told him about the burnt clutch with now only 1500 miles on it. He said they would get resolved & he was calling the dealer that installed the clutch and would get back to me. Of course it being Friday afternoon I have not heard back from him yet. So now my Shelby is figuratively and literally up in the air. Should I call Ford Customer Service? Wait on the dealer in GA? Push for another 2012 Ford clutch? Get an aftermarket clutch & see if my local dealer will install and try to get Ford or the purchasing dealer to cover the labor? Not sure which way to turn. I have read Grabber's posts on his experiences(excellent info, btw) but have not run into my particular situation. Hoping someone who has been there can give me some direction. Sorry for the long 1st post! Also if anyone can run an Oasis report the VIN # is 1ZVHT88S895119314. It might help if I go the FCSS route. Thanks, Joel S.
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