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  1. Doug Williams + 1, Lincoln, Ca 2014 GT/CS Convertible
  2. Staying at the Hard Rock Saturday night. But still waiting for registration to be posted to complete the weekends festivities.
  3. I'm sorry I can't make it. Will be in Reno for a concert. Maybe next time
  4. Hello all, I maybe jumping the gun a little bit here. Is there any info on this wonderful trip through the California Sierras yet?
  5. Hi, I don't login too often, bi t was looking for Snakes On The Lake info. Love the trip, will be my 5th or 6th time. I have June 30th but not sure if its changed. I think I got the date from last year's event .
  6. Just sent in payment. Love the drive with all the cars. Cant wait
  7. was there a decision made on location yet. I read all the post and did not see one. Option 2 ?????? Gotta Have restrooms. If not, will do cruise to lake then will have to leave shortly after arrival. Old Age and Medical issue require restrooms.
  8. Done but used the wrong color. Should of been black
  9. Done but used the wrong color. Should of been33n black
  10. Done but used the wrong color. Should of been33n black
  11. Option2 sounds the best. GOTTA have restrooms. See ya all on the 21st of June
  12. Can't wait for this run. Enjoyed it last year for the first time. Will be in a new 2014 GT/CS Convert. this year.
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