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  1. Yes, I am going to take pictures of a few items and post them up for sale.
  2. Hello everyone. Not much activity on here. Just wanted to say I traded in my SGT-C 0061, therefore it is currently at Payne Weslaco Ford in Weslaco, Tx for sale. I was given $16,000 for it. The car had 70,224 miles but it was in excellent condition inside and out. I upgraded and got a 2016 Shelby GT350 now.
  3. Is anyone planning on attending the Shelby Legacy Car Show this coming year, 2017? I believe I will actually be free this coming summer and I already asked my wife for the approval, and she said yes. So I will be making plans to actually attend this coming year if they have it, I believe it would be like the 8th Annual Legacy Car Show. That way if one of you would like to share a room with me and split the cost we can plan ahead. I retired from the military last September so I am pretty trustworthy, lol. Let me know by pm or send me an email to: liftandsustain@gmail.com Thanks, Chris
  4. SGT-C0056, My options are: 5 speed tranny, IUP, Satin Aluminum Panel, Active Anti-Theft System, HID Headlamps, GT Upfitters Package, and DVD Based Navigation System, black leather. Thank you for any information you can provide for SGTC-0061.
  5. What do you all think of the white wheel look?
  6. At a car show with some pretty tough competition.
  7. Hey stewarbc, this car has turned out to be great, thanks for having gone to take a look at her for me at Texas Hot Rides in April 2014. Do you know how many Grabber Os are in the great state of Texas now?
  8. Is someone interested on purchasing an 08 SGT-C? I have been thinking of possibly selling mine. Its number 0061. I havent made up my mind just yet though.
  9. Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season! I hope you all can see the pic.
  10. I am not sure if this one has been posted but CSM # 198 is for sale. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=78596&endYear=2008&modelCode1=MUST&showcaseOwnerId=66541&startYear=2006&makeCode1=FORD&firstRecord=151&engineCodes=8CLDR&engineCode=8CLDR&searchRadius=0&showcaseListingId=393489215&mmt=%5BFORD%5BMUST%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&listingId=392712578&Log=0 Number 33 is also for sale. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?zip=78596&endYear=2008&modelCode1=MUST&showcaseOwnerId=66541&startYear=2006&makeCode1=FORD&firstRecord=151&engineCodes=8CLDR&engineCode=8CLDR&searchRadius=0&showcaseListingId=393489215&mmt=%5BFORD%5BMUST%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&listingId=395934824&Log=0
  11. I found this SGT-C for sale, not sure what the CSM# is though. http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ctd/4920328679.html
  12. Wow, 12 SGTCs in Texas. We need to have a weekend meet one of these days at a centrally located area relatively close to all of us. For those of you whom have painted their stripes, whats the going rate to get this done? My stripes will need to be replaced soon and i am leaning towards getting them painted. Also, for those of you whom have 20 × 10/9 offset wheels, do they rub on the fenders? Last thing i wanna do is buy expensive 20 in wheels only to find out they rub on the fenders. Thanks, you all have a great one!
  13. I saw a Blue Shelby GT parked outside an Academy store today, Weslaco, Texas. I Didn't see the CSM #.
  14. I have the official Shelby GT from Shelby Collectables. It is a Official Ford Licensed Product. I took it out of the box once so I can see the doors, hood open. Its been back in its box and not messed with for the past 7 to 8 years. My 07SGT5468 got stolen while I was in Alabama. I was lucky this little die cast car was not in the trunk. I do believe my Shelby GT book was in the trunk the day it got stolen. Yup, all I have from my 07 Shelby GT is this 1:18 scale die cast car. Now I don't have any room for it, and I would like to get rid of it since every time I look at it I am reminded of my sweet Shelby GT that was stolen from me. But now I have the SGT-C with its own 1:18 scale model car. The car itself is extremely clean and in new condition. The box is exceptionally clean as well and might have a few small dents on it. The overall quality is in like new condition. If the original poster on here does not reply or has purchased already, I would be taking offers on this beautiful hard to find Shelby GT 1:18 scale die cast car. Send me a PM and we can take it from there. Have a great one! ***Update*** 1:18 Scale car Sold already.
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