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  1. Well I was able to install this with 3.6. I am running stock height BMR K member but had to modify the mounts to drop the motor roughly 1/2".
  2. http://www.moddedmustangs.com/forums/2011-2014/423018-bmr-watts-link-waiting-everlasting-gobstopper-finish-up-12.html Here ore some pics of the final design.
  3. I ordered mine feb 18th and still havent got it yet. It has been getting polished for the last month. Still no tracking. I think this is why they are no longer carrying them.
  4. You will definitely need a retune with the pulley swap.
  5. Are both of the coolant reservoirs supposed to be inscribed or only the engine coolant? I received mine yesterday and only the one was inscribed.
  6. Has anyone had any luck with this bar clearing the 3.6 yet? I have one currently on order and will soon find out I guess.
  7. This should be released very soon. I pre-ordered a few weeks ago and they said to expect delivery in 4-6 weeks. They must be closer than they let on because he was able to include the shipping costs as well. As for fitting the convertible I removed the back braces when I welded on my subframe connectors so there wont be any issues on my car. I can't see those thin gauge bolt on braces doing too much.
  8. I have got the wheels back from widening and the tires are mounted and just installed them on the car yesterday. Havent driven the car or moved it yet. I do need to disconnect rear swaybar endlinks and adjust it center between the tires, it is currently 1" off center to the left and rubbing the tire. From just installing the new tires the car is sitting 3/4" higher all around but i'm sure it will settle at leat 1/4" after driving some.
  9. I will be attempting the 20x10 front and 20x12 rear in the upcoming weeks. I have sent my front wheels out to be widened to 12's. I always wanted to put a wider tire on the rear but after finding a pair of 335/30 PS2's on craigslist for $250ea brand new was just the motivation I needed. I have ordered a set of Pilot SS 275/35 for the front. I will be removing the bump stop bracket and relocating the bump stop under the frame with relocation brackets. I would like to keep the car as low as possible after this mod. Currently the front of the car sits at 26-7/16" with a 255/35 Proxes 4 on the 9" Alcoa, the rear sits 27-1/4" on a 295/30 Proxes 4 mounted on the 10" Alcoa. For some reason the car seems to be about an inch lower than other cars with the same eibach pro kit springs. The rest of the suspension consists or Koni shocks, Shelby billet lower control arms, BMR drop brackets middle hole, BMR upper control arm and mount, BMR panhard bar and brace. BMR rear swaybar. Front has BMR K-member, A-Arms, BMR swaybar, K-member brace and rad support. The car is an 08 convertible GT500, the only items that could have added any additional weight would be the HD Shelby radiator, heat exchanger and 3.6 Kenne Bell. I will get some photos up as soon as I get the wheels back in a week or so. Hoping I don't have to raise the car, if so what springs should work Ford Racing springs?
  10. I also have a supercharger with elbowfrom an 08 with 5000kms, 2.6 pulley 90mm idler with bracket, c&l CAI, stock T/B no electronics
  11. I guess there isn't any chance of finding two caps with the red snake on them?
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