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  1. With my 2014 Shelby starting in the mid 55 range it will be interesting to see what Ford thinks it can bring for price. Our 662hp motor was very expensive to make, would seem a normally aspirated 5.2 should be a lot less? Love the way it looks, much better front end than the base or GT model, in my opinion!
  2. Just had our local Mustang show and have the bug for new wheels. My car is a 2014 Shelby with SVT package, 19's front and 20's rear. Got new Super Sport tires this spring, stock size 265 and 295 in back. Saw several really nice Shelby's with 20's in front and it looks great. Would I go with a 20 by 9 inch on the fronts and 20 by 10 in the back? Will they fit my 295-35-20 existing rears? Thanks! Looking for either chrome of polished aluminum.
  3. Thats what I thought and told him, everybody has their 2 cents worth on something! lol.....I love the way it sounds
  4. Ok, so at the car show one of my Ford friends said, the resonator serves a purpose, it reomoves moisture coming in the intake. When its gone water/moister will get in and wreck the motor. i am thinking he is a wacko.....any truth to this
  5. got it, they are K1, my car thinks its a Ferrari! lol
  6. Makes the car special in my opinion, from inside the view is great and does not get too hot because of the shade that comes out. Very nice
  7. Invoice reads, 105Y, would the other number be on the tire?
  8. My 2 cents is on the stock 9.5 inch rims, 295 is the max. Friend of mine has 10 inch rims with 305s and they look great. My rears look a little bulge, if thats even a word! lol.... Think Ford played with it but found too wide of a rim made them change too many other things back there. Thanks
  9. Computer expert , Tom got it figured out!
  10. Super sports are on and looking good. Stock size up front, 295s in back. Also discovered left front Goodyear had several cracks in the tread, tire place is contacting Goodyear for me to get it replaced. Glad I found out now instead of being on the side of the road! Have pictures to upload but guess they are too big, from my iPhone.
  11. Super sports are on and drive great. Look a bit different than the Goodyears but really like them. The 295 in back look awesome too, more meaty!
  12. Got my Ford racing delete tube and Airaid air cleaner......seat of pants, seems to rev faster and sounds good. Did a few blasts down my road in the country and my friend said there is a noticeable SC whine now, more than before. My goodyears out back are worried!
  13. Pretty funny, when i got my car the end of April, temps where in the high 50s here in Michigan. Took the car out for the first drive and it just spun the tires with no effort, thought that this would be a car too wild to tame....then it got warmer and oh boy, traction! The Goodyears are a very good tire but, The super sports should be here Tuesday, can't wait
  14. My experience with the F1 tires goes back to my 2011 Corvette Grand Sport and also a 2008 Cadillac CTS. They were run flat design but sure had a hard ride and did not last very long. I don't have a complaint with my Goodyears on the Shelby but have heard so much good about the Super Sports I think the car deserves it! I am going with the 295s in back and have not heard about anyone with issues from rubbing or wear. I also don't plan on taking the car up to 198mph either...lol
  15. Now that I have my Michelen Super Sports on order will have no need for my Goodyear F1 stock tires. If there are any members of Team Shelby from Michigan who want them at a great price send me a message. Just over 975 miles on them. Thanks
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