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  1. 2014 GT 500 out in its natural elements warming itself in the sun.
  2. Early morning setup at the 2018 Sycamore Car Show, Sycamore, IL USA
  3. Need suggestion on replacing original factory Goodyear tires on my 2014 GT500. Replace with OEM tires - Different brand of tire - or wait to replace. At least once a year I track the car on a road course in the upper Midwest and participate in 1/2 mile go fast event. I am aware of the tires pros and cons, only operate above 45 degrees, need to get heat in them before they hook up, especially on a road course at least 3 to 4 laps, before I can really push the car. Tires pick up every rock and pebble cold or hot at slow speeds in my subdivision. The tires have less than 8000 miles, and have 2013 Juliann DOT date stamped in the side wall. The car has some engine modifications. It was dyno'd pushing almost 700 HP and over 750 lbs. ft. of torque to the ground at the rear wheels. I am looking summer performance tires: new Michelin PS/4 or new Continental Extreme Contact, or even considering another set of Goodyear's. When I am not having fun on track days or go fast event days, the car is driven on the weekends around town or out in the countryside for joyride. It is not my daily driver and it is parked in the winter months, on stands, in a climate controlled garage. The car has experienced rain 6 times and the tire's tread are not worn. I haven't measure the tread depths yet this year, guessing at 15 to 18 /32ths front to back respectively. Launch Control and track mode rarely used.
  4. As everyone has said "mod it to suit your taste" if you going to keep it forever. If you are looking at it as an investment leave stock as much as possible. I just installed a MGW T6060 Gen II shifter to help in grabbing 2nd gear on real hard accelerations in my 2014 GT500. I have been doing 1/2 mile rolling starts events in the Midwest, experiencing these issues with the car. I have already done numerous mods since 2014; smaller super charge pulley, lower heat range plugs, Borla X-Pipe, Borla CAT back exhaust, K&N Cold Air Intake, BAMA Tune to make all work together. I have also added a few cosmetics changes, LED Licenses Plate Lights, HID 5000 LED Fog Lights, Red Line Hood Struts, battery hold down, battery cable covers, and Interior LED lamp lights keeping a stock appearance. It's not a science project by any means, but done tastefully with respect to Carroll Shelby for his development of his favorite car. All the mods were made to help the car do something better or to meet specs for track events I participate in the Midwest.
  5. 6,185 miles since Good Friday on April 18, 2014 - 2014 GT500 - I live in the Midwest, just outside Chicago. It has only seen rain three times, upon delivery day from the dealer in Charlotte,NC, last years local car show, and then on forecasted clear weather day returning from the office.
  6. I have never had TB issue upon start up with stock TP. I attempted to do power upgrades but I just went three rounds with American Muscle and BAMA attempting to install a FRPP Twin 65MM TB to match other power upgrades. I have experience drivability issues in urban or city environment and with the cruise engaged steady speed, surging or bucking at low RPM's with FRPP Twin 65MM. I was eventually told by BAMA to go back to the stock TB as this was the second Ford Racing TB replaced within 60 days. I know I have heard different stories about trying to modify my 2014 GT500 through BAMA, but after reviewing American Muscle Bolt on Power Upgrades for the GT500 I felt very comfortable doing it and at that time it made sense. I am now back to the stock TB and I was wondering where to go next to leverage the other power mods already installed in the car. K&N cold air intake to eliminate resonator, 2.4 super charge pulley with Metco idler to remove drive belt slap, Borla CAT back exhaust along with Borla X-Pipe for better exhaust flow, and finally heat range (6) spark plugs to prevent spark blow out due to more air from the higher spinning super charger. I now have 17 to 19 PSI of boost verse the stock 12 to 14 PSI and the car does not feel any different other then it drives like new. Ingot Silver- 2014 GT500 SVT Track-Pak 3.31 with the Electronics package, 6,200 miles.
  7. Sorry to all for the delayed responding, I have been busy with work stuff, go figure. As previously mentioned, I just recently upgraded the engine calibration to support the K&N Air Intake and S-Type Borla Exhaust upgrades completed last summer. Thanks Torch for the hints on adding pictures to text, see added picture. I am not sure what you are searching for in EBay, but when I enter "GT500 Strut Tower Rod" into the EBay search box, I still receive a number of listings for this component. On my 2014 GT500, it does not appear to be raising the hood at all, I still have not seen any evidence of rubbing on the under hood insolation or fuel cross-over-line. The brace does sit extremely close to my supercharger housing. Before installing the brace, I bounce the car to neutralize the suspension, and wiped down the mounting areas to remove and debris. Then tightening down the strut retaining nuts in a cross-pattern, making sure it settled in without pre-loading the brace or the suspension. I was just being careful, and then torqued the nuts to 50 ft.-lbs.
  8. Ford Racing Strut Rod Brace: Go to eBay and search gt500 strut rod brace. You will come up with; “FORD RACING 2010-2014 SVT SHELBY MUSTANG GT500 STRUT TOWER BRACE M-20201-MSVTC” Seller is rbracingford (10082). I installed on my 2014 GT500 and it has tighten up the front end. It now corners better and holds the race line extremely well. The GT500 was never really meant to do Track Days or Autocross, but the Strut Rod really helps and looks awesome. I have no fitment issues at all. The cross over fuel line does not rub. It does not touch the under hood insolation, there are no marks at all. I have a picture of it installed, but can't seem to figure out how to add to this post. I am newbie on Forums, but I have been racing or fixing cars for better than 35 years.
  9. I have a 2014 GT500 as well with just under 4000 miles. Everything I have read or viewed on You Tube, states that GT500 use high flowing CATs and the exhaust system is 2.75" ID. I installed a K&N cold air intake to remove the factory baffled air intake that eliminates the sound of the super charge spooling up, whine, above 4000 RPM's. At the same time, I installed a Borla S-Type CAT back exhaust system, 2.75" ID due to my taste in visual appeal of the quad rolled edge exhaust tips. The Boral system sounds more evil than the factory sound, deeper notes through out the exhaust band, no droning at highway speeds and very quite during city driving. Adding the Borla system along with the K&N cold air intake really it woke up the engine even more, if that is even possible. Throttle response and torque has definitely improved.
  10. Ford Shelby GT500
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