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  1. I am going to do the oracle ring lights off americanmuscle. Not the halo headlights (housing and everything). The whole halo headlights just looks too bulky to me. The oracle halo rings are much thinner and are LED and they look really good installed. Problem is that you have to take your factory headlight housing apart but once they are installed, they look factory and you cant even tell they're there unless you turn them on and even than the halo ring light that the rings put out doenst look bulky. Whatever you do, i bet it will look good either way https://www.americanmuscle.com/oracle-halo-conversion-0510.html
  2. See thats the thing, I already have Prothane Motor Mounts (the kind that doesnt lower). Correct me if I'm wrong but its been a while since I have seen a Stang with a top mounted supercharger that isnt a GT500 but I assume the intake manifold would sit higher than a top mounted charger? I checked out Americanmuslce.com pics and they have people running the intake manifold with Boss 302 brace and it worked, problem is I cant see what hood they have as its just engine pics..... Thank you for your time, Francis #2908
  3. Hey Guys, I know the Ford Racing Intake Manifold doesnt fit under the factory strut tower brace without extensive modification, but does the Manifold with strut tower bar fit under the deep draw hood? I have the Manifold and Boss 302 strut tower brace(which i read will easily clear the Manifold) on the way and currently have the deep draw hood. Anywhere I search, I cant seem to find an answer. Just wandering if it fits. If not.... looks like you will see a deep draw hood up for sale with a new black paint job soon. Thank you for your time, Francis #2908
  4. Hey Guys, I keep seeing alot of pics of the Shelby GT's with the deep draw hood (any version of it) but the only problem (thats not a problem but only awesomeness) is that they are all of white and blue cars. I would like to see what a Black 07 Shelby GT with deep draw hood looks like. I know what the hertz looks like but I want to see it with the silver stripes not gold. If you have different colored stripes that cool too! Show them! I have a deep draw hood that is installed and waiting for paint - the whole car is actually, so I just want some teaser shots. If you dont mind posting that would be very appreciative! Frank #2908
  5. Does anyone know what the Shifter handle is made out of ? The piece that had HURST engraved vertical. I guess you call that a handle or stem? Is it chrome, chrome plated ? I am looking at a shift ball but done want to run into any corrosion problems with two different metals. Just like what our hood pins went through. Any help would be appreciated! Frank #2908
  6. They should work as long as they are aluminum. That's what you want. I paid $3.50 for aluminum as the local hardware store. Beware though if your holes are stripped you will need a #8 1/2 and will have to file the head down. Thanks, Francis
  7. DaveWms, Here are some cars: This one has been for sale for a LONGGGGG time at least 6 or more months. Probably will drop the price when he finds out your a serious buyer. http://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/4903846578.html Now this one is CHEAP but look at the miles. In the end though a Shelby is a Shelby. Its the same car as a 500 mile car just with a couple of scratches and dings. http://smd.craigslist.org/cto/4942277767.html Hope this helps -Francis
  8. Thats pretty interesting. I was just going for the same look but maybe going pointing in the direction im going in is pretty nice!
  9. I found 8 screws at a local hardware store down the street. I went with flathead instead of Phillips. I think it will look a lot better especially if I can get the flathead lines to line up in the same direction. Dare to be different Francis
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