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  1. I have an off road stainless works h-pipe for sale and also borla atak X pipe for sale. Best offer
  2. Sweet yeah I was told I would be around that power. I'll keep yall updated for the ones interested I'll be putting the mods mid this week. Can't wait thanks for the reply
  3. So I have a 2010 Shelby about to put some mods on it. Will be slapping a 2.3 tvs with a 2.4 smaller upper pulley with a 65mm TB, BAP, also American racing headers. With the mods I already have on which are 127mm CAI, borla atak,off road h pipes no cats. Wanted to know if any one has done these mods and what numbers where put down in the dyno?
  4. Sweet how good are they at sticking because my invo don't stick at all. When I get on it I'm all over the place. Currently I have 285 but want to put the fattest tire in the rear that my stock wheels can hold.
  5. I am wanting to get new tires on my 2010 shelby. I have the nitro invo but don't get the traction i want. So what are the best tires I can get on it and widest I can go on stock rims. Also she is not a daily driven car.
  6. Sweet thanks for the information. I'll look into it.
  7. I'm looking into buying a 2013 tvs eaton to put on my 2010 shelby. Wanted to know if any one has done it and what numbers they received after the swap. Also if any one is selling theirs I'll take off there hands.
  8. So I have a 2010 shelby recently someone drove my car and bent the front splitter. It got bent right in the center of the lip. So I decide to go ahead and put a new one. So I need ideas on which one to put. I don't know if to put the same one again or put and after market one. If anyone has changed theirs. Or even maybe put one of a 2013 or 2014
  9. Yeah I bought my whole package jlt cai, off road h pipes, smaller pulley, spark plugs and Lund racing tune from revan racing. I believe my blower isn't as loud because I have borla atak on it as well and they are super loud
  10. Sweet thanks. Yeah u have the atak with off road h pipes. Can't here my whine they had told me after the work I did too I would here it scream but I guess my exhaust took over. Are the headers worth it? I hear I'll only gain about 5hp
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