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  1. Maybe my battery was changed by the dealership. Are they known to do that?
  2. 7R3Z-10A687-A Battery Cover W/ HI-PERFORMANCE 7R3Z-10732-B Battery Tray SHELBY COBRA
  3. Mhr, I know that movie. I am laughing so hard right now. where are you from? john
  4. They probably used the battery in different model car's and wanted to use up inventory. Don't forget it was hard time's for auto maker's in 2007 thru 2010. Ford stock was like 2.00 in 08
  5. I hear ya. very sorry guy's. I apologize. john
  6. I also went to ford part's and they list the 40r for hi performance. No. Part # Description List Price Price 1 BXT-40-R Battery 12 W/ HI-PERFORMANCE
  7. The point with the ford parts guy was "why would you want to put that little battery in your car" is he did not know the 40r was bigger is size not smaller. So he just ran his mouth not knowing.
  8. Oh boy, I got you all fired up. Sorry bout that. I have attached the 2008 gt500 supplement and it states the bxt-40r. I guess the supplement book could be incorrect. 08mussg1e.pdf
  9. I am confident that all ford part's dealer's and employee's do not know everything about ford part's. I have attached the battery spec chart. The 96r is smaller in dimension. It is available in 500cca and 590cca. I have bought that battery and returned it. The 40r is a BIGGER battery in size. He should have got off his a?? and compared the two. I did that. The 40r is the only battery recommended for 07 and 08 mustang shelby gt500. Look in the gt500 supplement handbook and it list's only the bxt-40r. That is the battery it left the factory with. They were all black with just the top black label as in my previous photo of my battery with the charger clamp on it. There were no red motorcraft sticker's on them. Battery Specification Chart 7-2018.pdf. I really have done hour's, day's, week's, and month's of research on this battery info. I have alot of useless knowledge on this. Chatted with ford, motorcraft, interstate, and battery reconditoner's. I even did internet research in europe and found they put the 40r in 2007 maverick's.
  10. also found this Battery Specification Chart 7-2018.pdf
  11. Good info on the interstate. The case is exact to the bxt-40r. I need to get rid of the green top. If you look at my previous picture's, especially the side's near the top. It look's just like the original. thanks for the info. john
  12. I know this is alot of info. Attached is the 2007 gt500 supplement guide. I only see the bxt40r battery for the vehicle. The batteries listed on page 241 is for a 4.0 and 4.6. thanks john ps the super snake looks Bad A??. 07mussg1e.pdf
  13. Yes called the dealer and they said the battery case style's can change. thanks for the input john
  14. Hey guys , thanks for responding. My original battery has the charger cable on it. The other is a replacement for ford dealer. Original has a YN in front of part number, the other doesn't. Orig has the handle holders on side near top, the other doesn't. The original has a date code of 7B18B41D.I think feb of 07. Both dimension's are the same. The bxt-96 is smaller in dimension's. I really would like to find exact battery if it is out there. thanks
  15. thanks for the picture's. Mine is a bxt-40r. I would like to upload some of the picture's of my battery, but it say's my file is too large. How did you upload your picture's? john
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