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  1. Sorry can't help here. I'm in Michigan. Hope you find the person
  2. The only reason for the post in this section was because I was ask a question and just replied back.
  3. I have 14300 on it. I put about 300 in the last 2 years. I put 14000 the first two years I had. I really haven't drove it to much last two years.
  4. Bob Lasky

    2014 Shelby GT 500

    Deep Impact Blue With White Racing Stripes
  5. Just for color. Seen these on MGW site
  6. Which of the two is suppose to be the better product?
  7. I see you have some carbon fiber on your Shelby. Who did you go with and did all your replacement part fit well? I want to change my grille to the carbon fiber but I have been hearing that not all parts fit real well. How is your experience with carbon fiber you went with?
  8. Thanks for your input. Maybe I will get there cobra logo on the ball shifter, does look nice. What color is your shelby? Really like the white one, but I did see they have a blue with white stripe one. My car is blue with white stripe might just look ok.
  9. I want to replace my original grilles on my 2014 Shelby. I've read some threads on this subject and seems there are more unhappy people with the fit on some of these products. Can anybody give me some more info on this subject?
  10. Thanks , I haven't order as of yet but plan to shorty. Really wasn't sure if the stock shifter ball would fit . So Thank You for the reply back on this subject. I will make sure when I do order I will let them know I want to keep the stock shifter ball.
  11. Thanks guys for the input on this MGW shifter . One other thing can you keep your original shifter ball and reinstall on mgw shifter?
  12. Thinking of changing my stock shifter to MGW. Has anybody installed One in there GT500 mustang? And if you have how do you like it and is it worth it? I have a 2014 GT 500.
  13. Quinn can you tell about your shifter you put in the your Shelbly? I was thinking of replacing mine also with the same brand you have. How do you like yours
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