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  1. I took my car to Brandon Ford in Tampa Fl and they did a replacement of my second gear the syncro and the blocker. They did all under warranty. I put about 200 miles on to break in the rebuild. Today I tried a shift at about 5800 rpm and all it did was grind, same as before the rebuild. I am getting very frustrated. I have decided to change the trans oil to Amsoil Signature Series Synthetic ATF. I am also going to order a new second generation MGW shifter when they come out next month. If anyone has ANY other suggestions please help. I have considered a WOT box but the car is still under warranty and I don't want to void it just yet. I really like the car but if I can't get this trans problem fixed I will probably end up selling it. Thanks, John
  2. I have a question about the SVTPP in the 2012. Does the package have the Torsen rear end and Bilstein shocks like the 2013 and 2014's have? Thanks, John
  3. Just a follow up to my original post. Took my 2012 to Brandon Ford in Tampa today for the 1st to 2nd grind problem. The parts took two weeks to come in and all the parts finally arrived. The Service writer that I am dealing ith told me that the repair will definitely be done under warranty. He also told me that there was a GT in for the same problem. The repair should take about a week, if they don't find any other problems when they get the transmission apart. I will follow up when I get my car back. I sure hope this cures my problem. Thanks for all the great advise, John
  4. I had posted previously asking for a competent dealer in Central Florida. Brandon Ford in Tampa was suggested. I took the Shelby there today. I spoke with a service writer Buddy Wisham. He sent his transmission man out for a ride with me, and sure enough it would grind 1st to 2nd under hard shift at high rpm. After going back to the dealer and a short discussion they said they will fix the problem under warranty. They are going to order the parts and let me know when they will be in and I will bring the Shelby back for repair. So far they are saying the second gear blocker,syncro, and a new second gear. Thanks for the advice. This forum and its members are great. I will keep everyone posted as to the repair and what was replaced.
  5. I thought that the 1st to 2nd shift problems had been corrected in the 13 and 14 cars. I have a 12 and am having the same problem. I live in central Florida and have contacted Brandon Ford in Tampa. I am waiting for a call back so that I can take my car to them, and check out the problem. If they give me the standard company line that it is not a problem and everything is OK I am going to look seriously at a WOT Box from N2MB Racing. I am going to find out from N2MB Racing if the Box can be removed if I have a warranty issue and if it reprograms anything a dealer could find. I will post what Brandon Ford says.
  6. I have read of all the problems concerning 1st to 2nd shift problems and grinding. I seem to have the same problem on my 2012. I have heard that there was a TSB to be issued but have not been able to find one. Does anyone know for sure if one has been issued, will be forthcoming from Ford. Thanks John
  7. Thank you for your advice. I live about 50 miles north of Orlando. Tampa would be a trip, but worth it for good service, any reason for tacking Shelby on a trip. Being an old guy I have had Vetts GTO's , Chevells Mopars and even a 1966 GT 350 Shelby, and by far the Gt 500 is the best car I have ever owned just glad that the wife approved the purchase. I am using it as a daily driver but being retired I don't drive many miles but I want to make sure that I get it serviced properly. Thanks again for the advice. John
  8. I had my new [to me] 2012 delivered from Connecticut to Florida last week. I couldn't be happier. Now I am looking for a competent dealer here in central Florida where I can have it serviced and repaired if necessary. I live near the Villages and there are two Ford dealers in the area . I spoke with their service personnel and was less than impressed. Looking for some help. I will take it where ever I need to to get good competent service. I have tried the dreaded 1st to 2nd shift at high rpm's and it would grind and then go into gear. I then drove a few miles and tried it again. This time no problem so the jury is still out weather I have a problem. This is why I need a good Ford service. Thanks for your help. John
  9. Hi all, Just got a 2012 black, stripe delete with SVTPP and electronics package, 860 miles. Found the car in Connecticut while visiting New York. This is my third Mustang, the first a 1966 Shelby GT 350 {wish I still had it} the second an 1984 SVO which my son got when I moved to Florida. The Shelby will be delivered to Florida on Monday, I cant wait to start driving it. Great Forum lots of good info, I have some mods in mind and look forward to the great advise here. I will post some photos when she arrives in Florida.
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