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  1. My membership renews in May - is there a way for me to go ahead and renew now so I can enjoy the stuff all year??
  2. Yes, I already have this certificate. Thanks all for the info!
  3. I am the original owner of my 2012 GT500. I didn't think about trying to find the original order paper work, that's a good idea.
  4. I'm curious what everybody has to document their Shelby. I have the window sticker, the certificate from the Shelby Registry, a spreadsheet from the Ford Performance Group specifying the number built with the options, and I'm going to order the Marti Report. I could have sworn there was something other documentation but I can't remember what it was now. Just curious what everybody else has?
  5. Hi all, I have seen some threads about the stock shifter and people being unhappy with it. I particularly get frustrated going 2nd to 3rd and how "mushy" it feels, it doesn't feel like a real firm shift, in any gear. The short throw shifter is on sale for the 2007 to 2014 GT500's at Shelby performance parts, is this what people have been going with (I have a 2012)? Are they happy with it? Is it something I can replace in my shop or is it pretty involved? Thanks!
  6. Thanks all for the replies. The battery has been deeply discharged a few times over its life, therefore when I connected the charger I set it to the recondition setting hoping to save it. Based on the smell, I figured it was shot and I just needed to replace it. I am glad to hear that other people use this charger with no problems, so I will swap out the battery and give it another shot!
  7. The lights were showing the charger was at level 7 and the error light was not illuminated, at least last time I looked at it which was yesterday. I will swap the battery out this weekend. Glad to hear you use this charger/maintainer the way I intend to use it and don't have any problems! Thanks for the reply
  8. I don't drive my Shelby very often so the battery ended up dying on me. Since it will be sitting in the garage under a cover for the winter, I went ahead and ordered the Shelby Battery Charger and Maintainer to get the battery charged for right now, and also expecting to leave it hooked up this once I park it for the year. Got it all hooked up Sunday, and noticed yesterday there was a funky smell in the garage, almost like a mouse had died or something else was rotting in the garage. I took out the trash, looked for animals, etc. and the smell wouldn't go away. I finally had my wife unhook the battery charger while I was at work today, and when I got home, the smell was gone. Got in to try to start it and it wouldn't even crank even though it had been on the charger for 4 days and only disconnected for a few hours, so I'm guessing the battery is shot which doesn't surprise me since it's the original battery in the car and is 4 1/2 years old now. I don't know batteries as well as I should, what would be causing a smell like that? Would the acid be boiling within the battery or something similar? Is this battery charger/maintainer safe to leave the car hooked up to it all winter? I had it hooked up to a basic Wal-Mart battery tender last winter with no issue but bought this Shelby one as it sounded like it would do more than just charge the battery, but I don't want to use it if it's not safe. Thanks for the input!
  9. Thank you all for the replies. Other than the Mothers, I haven't heard of any of these!
  10. I have noticed some of the rubber hoses as well as the rubber boot going to the air cleaner box have started to gray. I have also noticed this on some of the rubber pieces within the door jambs. What is a good product to use to bring these pieces back to a deep black? I would like something that doesn't attract dust, if possible. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the write up ingotsilversnake and for the reply gotoatz. I have heard of Liquid Glass, just never used it myself. Sounds like it is a good product though. I usually use Tech Wax but when I went to wax my truck last weekend the can I had was dried up, so I got some Mothers Brazlilian Cleaner Wax (my truck was a mess) and it seemed to do a good job. I just want to make sure the Shelby looks the best it can all the time!
  12. Thanks for the welcome! I just added a pic to my gallery (I think!)
  13. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Dave, and I am from the DFW area in Texas. I have a 2012 GT500 that has been in the family since it rolled off the lot, but it has recently made its way into my garage and has become my toy! It is Kona Blue with Silver stripes, 19" painted wheels and a glass roof with only about 880 miles on it, so it definitely isn't a daily driver. We were also fortunate enough to get the air bag panel signed just a few months before Mr. Shelby passed away, so I am very proud of that. It is stock for now, but I'm sure this forum will give me many ideas on ways to change that! I hope to get to know you guys and learn a lot about these cars!
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