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  1. 07#3814 in Western NY. Need a link to the map
  2. Have the console out. But how does the plastic cover over the E-brake lever come off
  3. #3814 blk/blk 5 sp western NY. 3500 miles Stock
  4. Need help to remove the black plastic cover over the E-brake arm. Don't want to damage it. Any help thanks
  5. Thanks for the help and info
  6. Have an 07 SGT # 3814 Blk/Blk 5Spd. My question is when the brake light or turn signal is on how many of the 3 sections light up. When the tail lights are on they light all 3 sections. When I use the turn signal or brakes only the 2 outer ones light. I talked to my ford service and got 2 answers. No other 07 around to look at. Help
  7. What is the name of or, a link to the custom shift knob company. I would like a blk/ silver w/# Thanks 07SGT3814
  8. Need help in locating a chrome shop to do black chrome plating. I live in western NY. Have a 07 GT #3814. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  9. 2007 #3814 5sp blk/blk leather so/wst NY
  10. #3814 5 sp blk/blk 2800 mls, so/wst NY
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