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  1. I got my Chrome Black Mamba wheels fitted this weekend. To correct the original truck look stance I also mounted a ST-XTA suspension kit and new LCA's and adjustable UCA. The car sits really low now, I might have to raise it a little because of the many speedbumps we have here. Edwin, the Netherlands
  2. Welkom Arno, mooie auto hoor! Heb witte Mustangs altijd al mooi gevonden.
  3. Did anyone ever hear or even use them? They recently came out with a kit specific for the GT500. I'm thinking of lowering my car but do not want to give up the smooth factory ride. http://www.st-suspensions.de/de/produktneuheiten/produktneuheiten/datum/2014/05/07/st-suspensions-xta-gewindefahrwerk-fuer-ford-shelby-gt500/?cHash=6a389cf854338d590bca65339abbef4a
  4. Personally I don't like the stripes on the window frame, I just wondered if they came from the factory with it or not. I assumed if you ordered the "Le Mans" stripes they went over the whole car, except the canvas of course. I'm not even sure that they were available in 2008 for the convertible.
  5. As you can see there is no stripe above the windshield.
  6. These are both for the coupe, I have a convertible. I'm not talking about a surround stripe, just the two small stripes on the window frame. I've seen them both with and without on convertibles, mine does not have them. I"ll do a search on how to post pictures here.
  7. So the red stripe package only contains the red side stripe and the red emblems, not the front to back stripes?
  8. Yes I know who they are, I'm member of the Dutch Mustang club from the start but I haven't visited their meetings for the last 8 or 9 years due to lack of time and travel distance from where I live.
  9. I registred my Shelby this morning. More info on the shelbyeuropa on http://www.ponysite.de/sheleur.htm
  10. I have a black 08 vert with the red stripe package. I have seen pics of cars with the stripes on the window frame and without. Mine does not have the stripes on the window frame. How do these cars come from the factory when the stripes are original equipment?
  11. That's funny, I work for an American company. Lisse is about an hour and a half away from me. Looking forward meeting you one day.
  12. Hi, I'm Edwin and live in the Netherlands (Europe). I just purchased my second Shelby GT500, an unmodified 2008 convertible with 7800miles. It's black with the red stripe package. I really love to drive this car, it's so much smoother then my previous V6 X-charger Mustang. First I was thinking about modifying this Shelby but at second thought it drives so well I' trying to leave it as stock as possible. The other Shelby I own is an 1971 Shelbyeuropa, they only made 9 of them and I own the last one build and the only one that is a GT500 fastback with 351C engine. This car needs total restoration and lots of time and money to finish. These cars are not known by most people as they are so rare and build in Europe, hence the name Shelbyeuropa. Edwin
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