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  1. Thank you Jim, we had a great day! The food was great the weather was beautiful and company was outstanding, Thank you for everything! A couple of my favorite Cars.
  2. Where do I sign up for the Snakes on the lake cruise, I dont see a link on this post?
  3. https://gopro.com/v/7bkqlE0oGWrz
  4. SNAKES AT THE LAKE 2018 https://gopro.com/v/7bkqlE0oGWrz
  5. SNAKES AT THE LAKE 2018 https://gopro.com/v/7bkqlE0oGWrz Thanks To everyone who worked to make this years cruise great as always! Just a short clip passing emarld bay.
  6. Who wants a Canadian built American Muscle Car? I kinda like mine built by Americans.
  7. Thanks Big Jim and all of the wonderful crew, my family and I had a perfect day, on the way home we stopped at Rivas and another great meal . It was a dream and I chased an old and a new gt 350 up the hill.
  8. Where is everybody? No one else wants to take a scenic cruise through the foothills?
  9. Great way to start the new Year, see you Friday Bruce, thanks.
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