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  1. Thanks alot for your help. I found the emissions decal on the hood. It seems i'm covered for the moment.
  2. I'm importing my 2007 Shelby GT into Switzerland and the authorities there are asking the following questions. Grateful for any pointers from you here: - Is your Mustang inside the “U.S. EPA National Low Emission Vehicle Programs (NLEV)” I take it yes, but how can I verify this? - If yes, does it have a sticker with “VEHICLE EMISSON CONTROL INFORMATION" or "IMPORTANT VEHICLE INFORMATION” written on it? Where can I find this, in the engine bay? - Does it have “Brake Assist” and “ABS”? It has ABS, but what is brake assist? - Does it have “Protection of occupants in side impact”? Specified with the “Directive 96/27/EC or ECE Regulation No. 95”? It has side airbags so should be ok here.
  3. Hi guys, I have a Paxton Novi supercharger on my 2007 Shelby GT (4.6 ltr). I now want to remove the s/c and return the car back to stock. I have an SCT programmer but it doesn't have the stock tune on it. Can anyone point me towards where I could find the stock tune? Thanks a lot! Rick
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