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  1. thanks for the comments. I recently purchased #221 and drove it from texas to the northwest. When I got home it started running poorly. So I changed vacuum hoses,plugs rotor and wires, o2 sencor, head gaskets, speed control unit, and still no fix. The only other thing I could think of was to maybe change was the little mini fuel injectors. Waited 4 days and paid 70.00 from ebay for the two, which was way cheaper than my local parts store who had a hard time even finding them. truck is fixed and runs puurrrffeecctt.. Its in really great shape.
  2. hello I own a Shelby dakota and I seem to be having problems with the truck. it sputters at idle and the tach doesn't seem to stay at constant rpm. the check engine light comes on after about 15 miles. I believe its the computer and I cant seem to find a replacement anywhere. if anyone knows of a new one or a good rebuild or replacement. thanks I have been enjoying this truck.
  3. hello I was wondering if you had the computer for sale and also, how much would you like for it thank you.
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