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  1. That's actually pretty cool but I doubt that's the case everywhere. I'm not sure they even have a svt mechanic at the dealership near me, if they do he doesn't get to work on many of them. Sports cars in general are scarce around here.
  2. That's cool, I just didn't think it was fair to lump every jiffy lube together and say they are all rip offs. They made a mistake by not checking what oil it had before draining it and I admit that, but they made it right and didn't charge me. They didn't expect to not find the oil at the three local auto parts shops near them, and neither did I. I wasn't thrilled with the way things went however they have changed the oil my other vehicles and I've always been happy with that. This won't happen again because I learned a lesson, a lesson I was posting so it hopefully wouldn't happen to someone else.
  3. It's not worth arguing about but if you go back and look at th thread I said thanks several times. I wasn't offended actually, it was kinda funny to me. The first sentce of your post was something like "I wouldn't take my lawn mower there". Thank you for the advice
  4. Exactly, doesn't take a genius (not saying your guys not a genius ) to do the job. Just needs someone who can unscrew the plug, unscrew filter, screw in plug, screw in filter, add oil. Of course mistakes can be made so I watch them, what I like about my guys is they LOVE my mustangs and one of them drives a stang, they are really careful and they don't care if I look over their shoulder while they work. They get it and aren't insulted by it. I was so happy with how they handled everything yesterday I was actually going to order them a pizza for lunch today, plus they didn't charge me so I feel a little guilty. It's not their fault they didn't have the oil, it's my car that has the odd oil weight. Changing our own oil is the safest thing to do, I'm not arguing that. I don't want to, I don't have ramps, have nowhere to discard the oil without paying for that. Sure I could figure all that out....except I don't want to do it.
  5. I started this thread so someone wouldn't find themselves in the same position for their first oil change. It's really easy for me to be prepared for the next one knowing what I know now. I probably won't do another oil change till it comes out of storage next spring anyways, so I have plenty of time to find it before then. I'll buy the filter and oil online or go to advanced if they stock it (thanks for the tip).....then I'm taking it to jiffy lube!!!!! Oh the horrors of the jiffy lube....I have 3 cobras and take them all there....oh no! Please don't kick my off the forum for that I really like it here!
  6. My car takes 8.5 quarts, $97 for 9 qts, $6 for the filter. Everything in the boulder area is more expensive than anywhere else I've been so I wouldn't be surprised if it was higher than what others paid. Didn't have much choice, my car was sitting there without the oil. Funny how people are judging me for taking it to jiffy lube, wasn't the point of this thread and wasn't my issue (except they didn't have the oil in stock). At least with jiffy lube I can stand there and watch everything they do, at the dealer the car usually disappears around to the back somewhere and you can hope for the best. Question: do you think the head mechanic at the dealer changes the oil or do you think the low man on the totem poll does it? I worked at a Chevy dealer for years when I was younger, the guy that washed the cars also was the person that changed the oil...wasn't even a mechanic. You guys are hung up on a name, it doesn't disqualify them from doing good work. If I was here complaining about jiffy lube then judge me for using jiffy lube, but I'm not.
  7. Ahhhh, advanced auto parts, we did not check there. Thanks!
  8. That's cool, boulder just isn't in to the 5w-50 I guess. I was shocked that none of the auto parts stores had it.
  9. I wouldn't just lump all jiffy lubes together and say they aren't worth changing the oil in our cars. Without knowing this place you really can't judge it just by the name. it's very clean, very well organized, and they basically let me watch everything they do. That's why I'm comfortable taking all my vehicles there. By the way it's a mom and pop, all 3 of his sons work there. I watched them pour exactly 8.5 qts in and I bought the filter for the car. I don't need to do research to know I do t want to change my own oil if I don't have to.
  10. So I took my gt500 in today to my local jiffy lube for my first oil change, they love my cars and seem to be very cautious when working on them. They all loved the new car and were standing around drooling before they got started, here's where the story starts lol. They drain the oil and toss the filter before they realize they do not have 5w-50 or the filter, they had never heard of this oil. He pointed across the street at napa store and said I could go there and buy the oil, he would give me a ride. Long story short napa didn't have the oil, neither did orilleys or autozone...whoops. We called the ford dealership they said they did have it but the parts counter was closed, they said to come on in and they would figure out how to get it for me. I had to drive the jiffy lube managers jeep 15 miles to the nearest ford dealer and waited for them to figure out how to charge me $100 for the oil, then 15 miles back to jiffy lube. Finally got the oil back in the car, spent nearly 2 hrs getting the job done. Jiffy lube didn't even charge me for the oil change, that was really nice of them. They did ask if I would lay some rubber out front when I left.....done
  11. I read on several websites the hellcats ecu is locked, to do any worthwhile mods requires an aftermarket ecu and that isn't cheap. Why would they do that? Someone mentioned on another forum that the ecu is $5k?
  12. 14 hellcat or 14 gt500? Edit: never mind, the hellcat is 2015. Got it
  13. If you want the hellcat because it's faster I would consider this. IF the hellcat is faster, I have my doubts, it can't be by much. It may be only the difference in drivers who wins that race. Unless my morning math is wrong the hellcat has 15% more weight (automatic), 12% more for the standard, but only has 7% more horsepower. For $500 you can put a smaller pulley and a tune in a gt500 and have comparable hp and theoretically a faster car, how much would it cost to reduce the hellcats weight by 600lbs? Obviously not affordable to do that, so if the hellcat wants a legitimate edge over the gt500 it will need need to be modified for more horsepower to beat a stock gt500 IMO due to the challengers "junk in the trunk". Keep in mind that the hellcat is $5k more as a base model car over the gt500, what can $5k thrown in a gt500 do? I helluva lot more than 707 hp. Trading in a year old car has to result in a loss too, add that loss to the $5k extra you pay for the hellcat and use that money to modify the gt500 With all that said if you are simply want the newest toy getting all the attention get the hellcat
  14. That's exactly what I was thinking, thanks
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