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  1. Once we start this process, it's like Pandora's box. We always want more. I look back on some of the high-value, collectible cars I've owned and modified. Would I do it again? After 4 years with this car, I'm not so eager to repeat the process. You've got a few things to consider. Are the mods reversible, and how easily? Some things about today's cars, such as tunes, may not be easily reversible. Something to consider when it comes time to sell or even just the periodic smog testing. Also, what is your goal with the modifications. Go faster? We're in pretty good shape with the stock configuration, to say the least. Sound better? That may be worth it, but it is something that will appeal to everyone else? It may or may not matter to you. Economics enter the picture, big time. Would you get the same value or better if you spent it on something else? Just sayin'.
  2. Even though this is an old thread, some may still be interested. Came across this company recently: http://evodwheels.com/ Their offerings are pretty awesome.
  3. There is an article in this month's issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords that describes a whole slew of mods to strengthen the 5.8L Trinity for 1000+ whp. Needless to say it is megabucks... ...pistons, special studs and bolts, cam grinds, timing chains, adjustable cam sprockets, oil pump, driveshaft and much, much more.
  4. Makes all the sense in the world. When my generation was the same age as millennials, we bought older American cars but most bought the lower-cost imports that had some type of performance image to them. This was during the time of the gas crisis and a lot of other social changes. Sure, we all wanted the hemi's and the Boss 429's, etc. but they were waaayyyy out of reach. Millennials today are looking at a future of self-driving vehicles, but the real question is how many will eventually be willing (and able) to buy their personal freedom to drive themselves and if they do so, they will want to make it worth their while. This car addresses that in a very big way.
  5. Awesome! Thank you for sharing! Have to admit I never saw it.
  6. Very valuable input. While I've not yet considered any serious mods, I might have in the future. Good to know this now!
  7. Am temporarily living in SE PA, myself, and made the same choice. Very happy with the AS/3+ so far. Never had a great feeling about the original GY Supercar tires. Won't be driving the car in rain, let alone snow, but the AS/3+ will be great for the lower ambient temps.
  8. http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/59-wheel-tire-section/146633-michelin-tires.html
  9. http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/5-general-discussion/124481-rear-view-camera-14-gt500.html
  10. Thanks for that comparison. It pretty much addresses all aspects of each. Have been following the Roush versions since they started appearing 20-some years ago. What never appealed was the fact you could order just the appearance packages. In other words, Shelby is a more integrated and consistent product, especially when produced under the SVT umbrella.
  11. The GB + red stripe option was not offered through the factory, but has been done by a few owners and dealers. These are usually called, 'superman.'
  12. it all begins 8:30 am EST Saturday on Fox 1. Be there!
  13. Wow. Really good information. Thanks for the lesson!
  14. Interesting. Do we suppose the harnesses for the SVTTP and SVTPP are the same, and that the hardware for the SVTTP are pretty much bolt-on? I realize that is a leap, just hoping for clarification.
  15. Installing the Ford Performance resonator eliminator along with an Air Raid filter is a cheap way to get some whine.
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