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  1. Are there any advantages to doing this update?
  2. GT500 all the way. You should be able to pick up one now at a decent price if you're looking. I put the off road pipe on - now that's a sound that makes Roush look like a 4 cyl.
  3. I don't know a whole lot about E85, but if you're not getting the power out of every explosion like with normal gas, then being able to advance your timing a bit more will not make up for it. You will lose power no matter what.
  4. Try resetting your mileage/ fuel economy info. It will calculate your miles to empty based on that info. If you reset it and then drive "nice" you'll have a higher value to empty.
  5. Don't let that bother you, was probably a bad install. That is a great gear set.
  6. I bought all my stuff from Evolution. John lund provides the tune - very well done.
  7. Buy the car and do the stage 3 with the offroad pipe. You will love it!!
  8. lol, good one. You're probably right- it may not be in paper form. I would like to find its online version if possible. Nice car by the way!
  9. Go to Evolution performance. They have the entire package and it works flawlessly - make sure to get the Monoblade throttle body. 100 hp, no, try 200 hp!!! Very good bang for your buck.
  10. The reason some people are having good luck and others are not is the tune their using. Jon lund provided my tune and it is second to none. If you jumped in my car and drove it you would swear it drives like a stock mustang, very smooth with no surging whatsoever.
  11. How about this crazy idea. Get the car to ford, whether you drive or tow it. Have them load the factory tune into it. Tow it home; Im assuming it wont run - if it does great; and then load your tune and you should be on your way. If Bama is replacing the stock tune with theirs, why is the previous tune even an issue. Does Bamas tune somehow modify the stock tune for its final product. If it does than this proceedure should work and you wont have to spend anymore money. As a side note, if it is in fact already the stock tune, it may have become corrupted so starting fresh will hopefully work. Good Luck!!
  12. Do you remember where in the RPM range you gained the increases?
  13. Too bad the pickup driver didn't see it comin; he could have pinned it and gotten out of the way.
  14. I've never had any problems with my 14 - maybe they did fix the problem.
  15. I basically just used your number for that. You will, I suspect, only see that gain way up in the RPM range as that is where the headers are going to make a difference. If you watch A.M 's presentation you can see their dyno results - very impressive. So all I was trying to point out is you may not realize a huge difference. As well, will you notice another 32 hp on top of your current gains, or is it just a lot of money that could be spent somewhere else? I've studied a few dyno results from the Supersnakes, etc and the A.M. rules way above them in the torque dept. It isn't until 6000 rpm that the SS will dominate in the HP aspect, and they will never dominate in torque. Since torque is what gets you up and going and HP makes you go fast, with my setup, I rev to just over 6000 rpm and then shift; that way I drop right back into the massive torque and keep pulling. Not to make anyone upset, but, is it even worth all the money for the bigger supercharger, etc to gain more HP in the last 1000 - 1500 rpm when you have to sacrifice 100 lb ft of torque or more throughout the rpm range? It would be a great test to get both setups at the track.
  16. Take a look at the American Muscle 2013 gt500 stage 3 power pack on you tube. How much will it cost to get that 32 hp - in the top 1000 Rpm of the range.
  17. They went with that for cooling purposes. Try some mosquito bulk screening. It protects against bugs and rocks. You can get it in silver or black and if you get the metal version it will stay in place and you won't see it.
  18. Yah like traction. lol. I think that's where I'm going to focus my attention now. 1st and 2nd are almost useless because I can't put my foot into it without incinerating the tires! I think if you step back and look at what SVT did with these cars it's absolutely outstanding. They gave us a race car, that meets emissions, but they made it very easy, and cheap, to give us another 200 hp and 200 pound feet or so above stock without alot of messing around. I did all my mods within a day - a short day and for about $4000.00 CAD. No other car out there can say this. Corvette, Camaro, hellcat, Viper, nothing even compares to the HP per dollar you can get. Cheers!
  19. Ok, so we have all come together with our views on this subject so let's push it a little further. Get out your tech savvy and your search engines for this one. Given you have opened your bottle necks on the intake side with say a JLT and bigger throttle body, and installed either an off road H or X pipe, or a high flow cat setup, at what RPM do headers out flow the stock manifolds? The stock manifolds look pretty good and I suspect headers only improve flow at a very high RPM.
  20. Bolts missing or loose. A hack job at best. Serious paint issues. etc, etc, etc... Cheap and no attention to detail with the entire conversion. People saving up for years and he does a real sh*(ty job on your car. What a complete let-down. That guy should be thrown in jail. I saw your car Ico and another one, 2007, in at Shelby Canada - rest assured they are very professional and will take good care of your baby.
  21. Yah sorry, I should have been more specific. By heat I meant the surroundings around the headers with stuff getting too hot because they are now way closer to the heat than when it was just manifolds. Did you have to change the motor mounts for clearance?
  22. Headers I have always believed in. I would, however, like to see some flow data comparing stock manifolds, shorty and long tubes on this motor. Headers on these motors seem to be in the Pain in the Ass category as far as install and day to day running - heat problems, etc... Your thoughts pls.
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