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  1. As far as I know it is a one of one build colour only for the raffle. The 1st and last colurs are JDRF Unique.
  2. Looks like they stick it up you if you are a tourist from overseas. My quote was I think for a 7 days rental and done online outside the US last week.
  3. The GT350 manual is for stick shift buyers and the GT500 with the DCT for the others. I also heard that both models are going to be sold alongside to cater for all.
  4. It is correct that guy Speed Phenom asked the "Ford Rep" ???? about the cost and she said 67k. It is BS as Stangmode's latest video from a few hours ago shows he is interviewing Ford Chief Engineer Carl Widmann at the NY Auto Show and he refutes the 67k. Is at 4min 28 mark.
  5. Meet and greet on Monday in Kaikoura NZ What a great bunch of people.
  6. Very odd that 662 was number of the 13-14 GT500 HP. You may be right on here on the HP to TQ, does not add up.
  7. This info is probably BS (great if true) but only time will tell............ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYx_xJMwUHA
  8. I will try and catch up with them next Sun. Shame, as I was up that way yesterday (our Saturday) for a car show and could have diverted there. Anyway will be a good excuse to get the Shelby out again.
  9. Courtesy of FB. Cars in Auckland NZ for those who have not seen the pic.
  10. Thanks for the info. Have been in contact with Dan, Jim and Sean the events organiser. Will try and meet up along the way.
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