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  1. From whatI understand,the pump is thermostat controlled. How can I turn it on manually. I'd like to run it when the engine is not running too. I'm trying to keep heat soak to a minimum. I did this on a blown boat motor,I had a separate pump for the inter cooler and it pulled all the heat out. Thanks 2010 stock gt500.
  2. I've done some research and learned a lot in the process. The stock tires are w rated, good to 168.
  3. Thanks for the info. It's surprising to me that the GT didn't have better tires out of the gate. I'm not going to the track and there's not many cold days here in southern California so I don't need a super high performance tire. I do, however, enjoy the occasional high speed run. So my main concern is, are these tires safe at high speed for very short periods of time?
  4. I have a 2010 gt500. The tire sticker on the door says r19 tires. My shelby supplement owners manual says zr19. So my local ford dealer replaced the front tires as a courtesy because of an alignment issue with the r rated tires. I can't complain because they were free but they are not 150mph tires, right? They are Goodyear f1 super car tires 245 40 r19. Am I missing something here? I bought it used so I don't know what tires were on it new. If they're supposed to be z rated why doesn't the door sticker indicate that? Do any of you run the r19s or am I supposed to use zr19?
  5. I was so excited to hear about the improvement with an after market shifter I couldn't wait for one to be shipped to me so I re moved the rubber mounting and hard mounted the stock shifter. I made new solid bushings with parts I found at my local hardware store. It took a couple trips to get the right fit I wanted, but it was well worth the effort. I wish I had taken pics to post. Just measure the diameter of the holes in the shift lever and take the bolt so you know that size and start digging around and with a little work you can make a nice clean attachment. I can't believe the improvement. It reminds me of my first car that had a Hurst shifter back in the day. Cost about $10 with new shorter bolts.
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