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  1. I don't think the leather covers are the same..also not sure about the airbag combatability. Would like to find someone with a 13 or 14 model to trade with..thanks
  2. I don't mind the Recaros once I get in them.I have a hard time getting in and out of them due to the high seat bolsters. I Wanted a car with std seats but got a realy good deal on this car early last year. I want solid black seats as nice as mine..hopefully out of another 13 or 14 model.,I hope everything would be a direct swap..not sure if swap will trip the air bag light etc..if anybody knows of any issues please post..
  3. Looking to trade my Recaro seats for standard seats. My car has solid black.I have back trouble and the Recaros are just too hard to get in and out of. My seats are perfect 2000 mile vehicle. I live in The west Georgia area. Would like seats plus$ to trade...or if I could find std seats to purchase and I!ll keep the Recaros since car came new that way.
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