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  1. No. This is incorrect. I have the 3.6 and I didnt do the aftermarket hood. I did the engine lowering kit and it cleared.
  2. Yes. Kept it under 20psi. From what I've read and heard, 20 psi and above is really pushing it. After i got this build quote i went ahead and got a motor build quote just in case. I also set my shift tone and lamp to 6000rpm just to keep it safe.
  3. Just got a few upgrades done and I figured I'd share with you guys. Installation and tuning was done by Fastlane Motorsports in Benson NC. Upgrades - Kenne Bell 3.6lc Supercharger swap, Kooks long tubes, Steeda tripple pass heat exchanger with fans, Snow Meth injection stage one kit, 72lb injectors, vent pod boost guage (30psi), Toyot r888 tires. Car dynoed 612rwhp stock and 814rwhp at 19psi after upgrades. Also, i retained my stock hood and went with the engine lowering kit. I like the look of my hood stock, and everyone seems to be doing the super snake hood lately. Pic as soon as she was home in the garage Video of the Dyno [video=youtube;CVpts9K0xOc] Car dynoed at 612rwhp stock. After upgrades it dynoed at 814rwhp.
  4. Thanks! I'll capture the dyno on my gopro and post when I get it back. It should be Aug 7th or 8th.
  5. Wow haha. I hope to have a list half that long one day!
  6. Hey guys. Just joined. I've been lurking for a few weeks. So far this forum is great. I recently traded my Roush 6.2 F150 for a 13 gt500. I'm starting my build Aug 5th and I thought id share my build with you and keep you updated. I'm open to all comments and advice. Doing a Kenne Bell 3.6 blower swap, triple pass heat exchanger, engine lowering kit ( didn't want to swap hoods), kooks long tubes, x-pipe, toyo r888, vent boost gauge, and custom tune. I plan on building the motor later this year. I'll continue to keep this post updated. Thanks.
  7. I'm willing to trade. But I've got white stripes. Not sure if you only wanted black. I'm from NC.
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