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  1. Note: just in the case of anyone looking to throw resonators in.. In doing so I created a much stronger exhaust smell in the car and trunk.. Definitely keep that in mind that it is a possibility.
  2. Advice much appreciated! I have the Kooks H-pipe that goes with the Kooks LT headers.. Thinking about trying the X pipe and going 3' all the way through. I'm 3' then after H-pipe, 2'75 with the SS borla axle back. I went to Shelby in Vegas to talk to Vince. He designed the SS borla axle back. Unfortunately he was not in. Hopefully he will have good advice. I know they use that axle back and LT headers on the 2014 1000. Looking forward to hearing his suggestions. I will keep you guys updated
  3. Yes, I was looking at the green cats by kooks. Was suggested to go with the kooks resonators by the shop. They said the resonators are a much better option. Have been told now to throw in the kooks X pipe and 3 inch flow to the axle back,,. finished with the 3inch kooks racing muffler. Haven't even seen a gt500 with that setup. Lol trust me I didn't sleep good..
  4. Ended up putting on kooks 14 inch resonators.. definitley killed all drone but did absolutely nothing for the rasp. Bummed and will need to go in a different direction.
  5. Appreciate the advice.. Happy I didn't sell the factory mufflers! It looks like that is the route I will need to choose.. Trying the Venturi that Borla sent me in the next couple of days.. Hope it will do the trick Thanks for your reply Best
  6. Gambled and ended up with annoyance.... (was trying to get close to 2013 supersnake sounding exhaust) GT500 691RWHP on pump.. Pulley 2.4/Throttle body 65mm, JLT cold air/ Tune Ok so I made the jump and put in KOOKS LT headers, KOOKS 3inch H-pipe (no cats), Borla SS axle back.. Loud, heavy and throaty before you get past 2500 RPM, then Loud RASP!!! Drone at 1800 RPM in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th... Awful combo choice Have about 200 miles on it since I had the work done. Is it fixable? Or am I just screwed! From reading it looks like it's better to loose the warp speed and go back to stock. My shop wants to put kooks 14 resonators to kill rasp and drone by 30 to 40 percent... Is that my best option? Borla is sending me venturi's and say they will minus drone.. Should I just do those? Or should I do both? Have a day to decide.. Any input would be greatly appreciated
  7. Do have these with no cats and long tube headers and have no drone?
  8. Did the rasp ever go away once you had broke in the new set up?
  9. Added a ford racing throttle body with Jlt and tune.. After being parked for 10 minutes.. The car fires up and I put the clutch in and hit the gas. When I hit the gas I get nothing. No rpm's.. Pump it a couple of times and it rpms go. Then I can go... Any idea of what is happening?? Best
  10. K I will take a look at Evolution Performance... Thank-you for the suggestion.
  11. Finally past the 36000 mile mark and ready to give it a bump.. Going with a steeda pully, JLT cold air, Cobra jet with the two Throttle body, Tune and Dyno... Its going to be expensive but was told I'll add 100hp. Questions Does anyone know if I need to upgrade anything else so the Shelby can handle the mods? Will it destroy gas milage or will I not really notice?? Thanks for anyones help or advice.. Best Mikeyp
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